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Practically Honest with Kaye Wolfinger

  • Practically_Honest_College_Ministry

    8 DIC. 2021 · As youth leaders, it's difficult to say goodbye to our graduates. Especially as life takes them in new and exciting paths, but often away from our local churches. It is difficult to help guide each one of them individually to find their next place for them to grow in their faith. In this podcast, we talk about the transition to college ministry and the unique opportunities it offers as we highlight Ohioi Northern University and talk to their Chaplain and a student.
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  • Practically_Honest_Parenting_Teens_Three_Youth_Leaders'_Perspectives

    1 DIC. 2021 · Tim Beck and I are joined by Deena Wolfe as we talk about how being youth leaders has impacted us as parents. We share our honest experiences with you in this podcast.
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  • Practically_Honest_Organic_Youth_Ministry

    10 NOV. 2021 · The pandemic as shifted ministry all together. As churches made the difficult decision to not meet in person in order to protect their most vulnerable members, many lost the connections with one another. We have discussed this in podcasts in the last few months. While we can grieve for what is lost, we need to find ways to move forward. In this podcast, I talk with a pastor/dad/youth leader about what youth ministry looks like in his church and home. Joe and his wife have seven children that range in age from eight to twenty one. I admire their approach to ministry. They just do life and welcome those around them into their daily routine. I believe this the future of ministry.
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  • Practically_Honest_Tik_Tok_Challenges

    3 NOV. 2021 · Tik Tok App took off during the pandemic. Most adults try to stay away from it. However, it is important for those of us that live and work with young people to be where they are and paying attention to what is influencing them. In this podcast we discuss the fall Tik Tok challenge called "Devious Licks" and how to stay connect to the world of young people.
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  • Practically_Honest_Living_In_Groundhog's_Day

    27 OCT. 2021 · As October begins, and we contemplate ministry this fall/winter, we are still faced with the difficulties of living during this pandemic in a very devasive political climate. For many church leaders, especially youth leaders, not much has changed in twelve months except the number of children and teens who are suffering from this virus. So, where does that leave us? How do we navigate a ministry when so many factors are in play? While being out talking with youth leaders, many are struggling with similar roadblocks. Here are just a few: It is difficult to know who is even a part of the youth group. Volunteers are gone or those around do not want to give of their time anymore Feeling weary and tired. Being creative and finding new ways to reach teens is exhausting There has not been a break in 18 months Do we meet face to face? Outside or inside? Wear masks or not? Social distance at youth group? What does the future look like for youth ministry? We address these questions and give some thoughtful advice in this podcast.
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  • Practically_Honest_Ruthless_Elimination_Of_Hurry

    20 OCT. 2021 · Chasity and I discuss the book we are currently reading in our book club this month. It's a great one! John Mark Comer takes us through his own struggle in finding quiet, peace and sabbath in his own life. He talks about hurry is not from God and how it can in face separate us from God. Take a listen, even if you haven't read the book. You may be inspired to reflect on this hurried life we all lead and actually do something different.
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  • Practically_Honest_Who's_Your_Eli

    29 SEP. 2021 · The story of Eli and Samuel (1 Samuel 3) is still very relevant today! Eli guides Samuel and encourages him to listen for God who is calling Samuel. It is important for us to remember our own Eli(s) and challenge ourselves to be sure we have Samuel(s) that we are sharing our faith legacy with throughout our life. Take a listen as I talk to one of my Eli's, my Jr. High Youth Pastor.
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  • Practically_Honest_Marching_Off_The_Map

    22 SEP. 2021 · This is our reaction to Tim Elmore's book, "Marching Off the Map." Ironically, he wrote this prior to the pandemic; however, it speaks even more into our situation today. Elmore does an outstanding job laying out the "Why, What, and How" for educators, coaches, youth leaders, parents and employers of the younger generations. With all the research and insight in this book, those of us leading young people are hard pressed not to change the approach we take to connect with those we seek to lead. Take a listen and let us know what you think about the book, what we highlight or your observations about the shifts in the way we need to lead these younger generations.
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  • Practically_Honest_Reframing_the_Future

    25 MAR. 2021 · We talk about reframing ministry post-pandemic and share about a coaching cohort we are leading. We also talk about our dogs and dog dementia. Lots of laughs. Enjoy!
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  • Practically_Honest_One_Year_Later

    17 MAR. 2021 · Three of my friends sit down with me as we look back over the last year. We talk about what advice we would have given ourselves as well as how to move into 2021 as different people still needing connection.
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Navigating through the messy waters of where we are as a United Methodist Church is not easy for any of us. However, it is especially difficult for youth leaders. Young...

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Navigating through the messy waters of where we are as a United Methodist Church is not easy for any of us. However, it is especially difficult for youth leaders. Young people today ask tough questions, mainly because they can investigate anything with their cell phones and Google. So when we try to answer off the cuff or if we are not open and honest about the knowledge we lack, they will tune us out. This generation is searching for truth and are bothered when there is inconsistency in what we preach and how we act or what they feel in their hearts. So, no matter the trial that you face in your church, your community, your area or in our great country…keeping Jesus the focus of our teaching should be at our core. This podcast is about youth leaders wrestling with this very issue, what is our main thing? What are we focused on? Where are we spending our time? All questions we need to ask ourselves as we begin to move forward.
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