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  • Psychic Life Coach EPISODE 6

    19 ABR. 2024 · PART 2 Renee and I decided to do a third episode. We discussed the intentional choice of adding the tools of amusement, gratitude in real time and how it can be so transformative. Looking at my illness and that of others, seeing that choosing amusement helped with perspective and how it can also heal the body.We talked about how you might have unique tools to help humanity in crisis. Finding amusement around such crises may take a shift in perspective as you will see in our discussion, such as creating a sense of community and watching the moments of joy that come out of the small things.It’s remarkable to discover that you have been operating on a pattern that is not yours, but something you took on from a parent or some other person in your life. This is where having an inquiring mind, so that you can look to see what is yours and what is not. Renee realized that some of her old go-to patterns weren’t even hers.
    15m 53s
  • Psychic Life Coach EPISODE 5

    4 MAR. 2024 · Growing your Awareness and Certainty Renee and I continued our conversation about dealing with health issues and taking on illnesses from others. How do you manage this on a daily basis?We have opportunities every day to practice because we are always running into people and can find ways to transmute the energy in the moment. You do this by growing your awareness. The more competent you become, the more you grow your certainty. The more certainty you have, the easier it gets.
    17m 10s
  • Psychic Life Coach EPISODE 4

    4 MAR. 2024 · Lightening up My guest is Renee Gatsis, an artist, Tai Chi instructor, and clairvoyant, among many other talents.In this episode, Renee and I discussed the practice of using some of our favorite psychic tools, such as neutrality, amusement and handling other peoples’ problems, judgments and expectations. We also discussed additional tools to help determine what is your energy and what’s not.Being a spirit in a body creates a duality. We were taught that seriousness, hard work and effort will be rewarded. So how do we find our amusement and lighten up? How do we find joy in bad situations and circumstances?That led us into talking about how gratitude can lighten you up in those circumstances and so much more.
    20m 53s
  • Psychic Life Coach EPISODE 3

    19 DIC. 2023 · Finding a way out of loneliness Many studies have come out recently documenting what is being called “A loneliness epidemic”. This episode will discuss practical and energetic techniques that can aid you alleviate a sense of isolation and to discover ways to connect with yourself and your community in a new way so that you can feel a better sense of belonging.
    11m 58s
  • Psychic Life Coach EPISODE 2

    19 DIC. 2023 · Creating what you would love and Divine Timing This episode will look at what divine timing can look like, giving several examples to help you see where it might be working in your own life. You will see how you have a choice about how and what you think, which will allow for something even better to come into your life.
    16m 4s
  • Psychic Life Coach EPISODE 1

    19 DIC. 2023 · Creating a sense of wellbeing and peace In the fast-paced world we live in, you might find that you are constantly in reaction mode, where you don’t have time to respond in the way you would like. Today’s episode is about how you can make some simple changes that will allow you to see yourself in a new way so that you stop being at the mercy of all that is going on around you. Wouldn’t it be great to be the cause and creating force of your life, versus being the effect of everything that happens to you?
    15m 3s

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When you were born, you didn't come with a book. You spent the first 5-7 years of your life as a sponge, learning everything you could, to survive in your...

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When you were born, you didn't come with a book. You spent the first 5-7 years of your life as a sponge, learning everything you could, to survive in your family. Nobody lives their life trying to screw their children up. We all try to do the best we can with what we know. And you may realize that some of those beliefs you took on don’t work for you as an adult.

These episodes are about creating an awareness regarding some of the things that may not be working for you and giving you psychic and common-sense tools to help you to navigate your life with more grace and ease. Changing old and sometimes unknow beliefs and patterns is not always easy, and Janet is here so you can be supported in present time to learn how to live what you would rather be experiencing in your life.

Would you like to empower yourself to live a life you would love?

When you live a life of intention, working to co-create your dreams into reality, awareness and psychic tools can be added to your toolbelt to greatly enhanced your journey.

As a lifelong learner herself Janet is a certified clairvoyant, author, currently holds 3 Life Coach certifications, and has been to teaching individuals and groups to tap into their intuition and inner knowingness, helping them to build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

Here are links to her work:
Author of "Create A New Reality"; "4 Simple Tools to Revolutionize Your Life"

Janet Green
Guiding Inspiration
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