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  • 187 - Healing Mothers with Brandilyn Clay

    22 MAY. 2024 · "BIRTH: a psychedelic experience." - Brandilyn Clay Welcome to the Spirituality Now podcast! In this episode, we have Brandilyn Clay, birthpreneur, doula, mother, goddess, wife, woman, and soul. Brandilyn Clay is a holistic psychology expert, and spiritual entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. A mother of three, she is the driving force behind her third business. With a Masters in Integral Psychology and over 10 years of experience, she seamlessly merges modern neuroscience with ancient wisdom in her holistic healing practice. Brandilyn Clay is also a pioneer of Sound Meditation, captivating audiences with crystal bowls, sacred songs, and harp rituals for over a decade, specializing in supporting mothers and couples through birth, postpartum, and business ventures. As the founder of Goddess Capes, a conscious clothing line that empowers indigenous Peruvian women, and Liquid Gold, a bone broth elixir brand. Her commitment to conscious living and the longevity of women’s lives extends globally offering coaching programs, postpartum doula services, sound meditations, retreats, and more. Her overarching mission: Heal Mothers, and in doing so, heal the Earth.In this podcast, we discuss: - Reclaiming your goddess power - The power of reinventing yourself - Holistic psychology and ancient wisdom applications for modern times - Supporting mothers through birth and postpartum - The healing power of sound medicine - Hitting the reset button for our nervous system - Tapping into subtle energies - Leading a conscious business and helping Peruvian women in the process - The importance of liquid golden bone broth for longevity and women's lives - The mission to heal mothers and its broader vision of healing the earth and much more. You can listen and subscribe now on Spotify or your preferred broadcast platform. You can also watch us on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7sdgBExfafs To learn more about Brandilyn, visit her on social media and webpage: - https://www.instagram.com/brandilynbee/ - https://www.brandilynbee.com/ Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    1h 2m 25s
  • 186 - Pray in "His" Name with Mike Bellini

    8 MAY. 2024 · “Have you ever wondered what praying in “His” name means? Welcome to the Spirituality Now! podcast. Today, as our returning guest, we're honored to have Mike Bellini. Mike is a renowned authority in the domains of family, faith, and the profound impact of prayer. Mike has dedicated over twenty-five years to empowering individuals and families through his insightful teachings and guidance. As an author, his books "Ultra Marriage" and "Uncommon Prayer" serve as beacons of wisdom, helping readers navigate life's challenges with grace and gratitude. Additionally, Mike hosts his podcast, where he continues to inspire and uplift audiences with his profound insights. In this episode, we delve into the importance of: - Prioritizing family and faith. - The transformative power of prayer. - When God hits you, do you obey? - What can you do to be more like Him? - Evolving in prayer. - Seeking and seeing God's responses. - Make your prayer about God's purpose instead of your own. - What to do when doors are slammed in our faces. - What does it mean to pray in His name? - Why God is not a God of confusion, but a God of clarity. Join us as we explore these profound topics and discover the depth and clarity that come from aligning our lives with God's will and praying in His name. To listen on YouTube: https://youtu.be/28Ws6lbo0iM To learn more about Mike, follow him on social media: - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikebellini_/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikebellini0708 - Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1948693097 - Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4yX59GC4DKNPJnVp5EI6RX?si=a2a031a34d104544 - Website: https://www.mikebellini.com/ Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    49m 14s
  • 185 - Remote Viewing & The One with Gerald O'Donnell

    30 ABR. 2024 · If you've ever wanted to learn about remote viewing while simultaneously exploring the concept and reality of 'the One,' this is the podcast for you. Welcome to this week's episode of the Spirituality Now podcast! I'm thrilled to have with us a dear friend, Mr. Gerald O'Donnell.  Gerald is the founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing [ARVARI], a world-renowned Remote Viewer, and a certified Hypnotherapist.  Having worked with a Western intelligence agency, Gerald brings a wealth of experience in mind-consciousness research and remote viewing and influencing. Since 1997, Gerald has dedicated himself to guiding his students in harnessing their creative energy to manifest their innermost desires. His healing meditations have aided countless seekers on their transformative journey toward Oneness. In this podcast, Gerald and I talk about: - The insights remote viewing offers about the probable futures amidst current global challenges. - Exploring potential outcomes for conflicts like Gaza, Israel, and Palestine through remote viewing. - Perceiving the collective psyche of humanity and its impact on mental health. - Drawing wisdom from historical events to navigate present challenges. - Finding sources of resilience and hope in times of uncertainty. - Cultivating love on personal and collective levels to influence humanity's trajectory. - ⁠Examples where remote viewing has led to positive outcomes. - Empowering individuals to create change amidst feelings of overwhelm. - The role of spiritual principles in guiding humanity towards a harmonious future. - Fostering understanding, compassion, and cooperation through remote viewing, psychiatry, and spiritual teachings. - ⁠Sharing messages directly from "the One" and how individuals can connect with it in their spiritual journey.  And so much more! Watch episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/eYPqo8EwjpE To learn more about Gerald, visit his social media and web page: - https://www.facebook.com/academyofremoteviewing - https://probablefuture.com/   Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    1h 43s
  • 184 - Tap Into Life with Julie Schiffman

    17 ABR. 2024 · Millions of people have benefited from her tapping videos on YouTube? YES!!!! For this week's episode of our podcast, we have a remarkable guest. Julie Schiffman, MSW, is an internationally recognized Expert EFT Practitioner. For more than 25 years, she has counseled thousands of clients, helping them break through physical and emotional barriers. Her life-changing YouTube videos have been viewed more than 4 million times. Julie is trained in various healing modalities but is best known for her expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping). In her private practice, she uses various energy medicine techniques to help clients overcome physical and emotional challenges all over the globe. Julie has been a featured presenter for “The Annual Tapping World Summit” every year since its inception in 2008. She regularly participates in health and wellness-related summits to share how powerful tapping can be in the healing process. In this podcast Ivonne and Julie speak about: - The Mechanics of Tapping: Understanding Its Therapeutic Benefits - Dispelling Misconceptions: Addressing Common Beliefs about Tapping - Tapping vs. Traditional Therapy: A Comparative Perspective - Tapping Beyond Emotions: Exploring Its Physical Healing Potential - Transformative Tales: Highlighting Success Stories through Tapping - Tailoring Techniques: Customizing Tapping Approaches for Different Needs - Integrating Tapping into Holistic Wellness: Strategies for Comprehensive Care - Getting Started with Tapping: Practical Tips for Beginners - The Future of Tapping: Evolving Perspectives in Mental Health and Wellness - Tapping for Spiritual Growth: Unveiling Its Inner Journey, And so much more. If you have ever wondered how tapping can work for you or how it can help you in your business, spirituality, and life, then this episode is tailored just for you. As Julie is on a Mission to help others transform their lives one 'TAP' at a time! Watch the interview on YouTube: https://youtu.be/VBNmul_RIrI To learn more from Julie, you can follow her on social media: - Website: http://www.julieschiffman.com/ - View tapping demonstration to Release stress and tension: https://youtu.be/1Z__DSe7PDQ - Follow her on Facebook: Julie Schiffman EFT - Follow her on Twitter: Julieschiffman1 - Follow her on Instagram: julieschiffman_tapintolife Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    1h 3m
  • 183 - A Journey of Healing and Transformation with Kathia Molina

    3 ABR. 2024 · Would you like to know what a spiritual transformation can do for you? This week, we have as our guest Mother, Author, Entrepreneur, Energy Healer, and multidimensional creator, Kathia Molina. Kathia Molina studied Spiritual Psychology at USM in Los Angeles. She initiated her energy work studies with Pi Villaraza of Innerdance IDES school, continuing with Ivan Rohe at the Mind Masters School. As a soul writer and truth seeker, she walks the path of healing and constant transformation. Her journey includes self-discovery, exploration, and assisting others through Energy Activation sessions and light language. In this Episode, Kathia and Ivonne discuss the following topics: - Spiritual Psychology's Approach to Healing and Transformation. - The Eternal Question: Finding Yourself, Passion, and Joy in Life—Who Am I? - Living a Wholehearted Life, Even in Spite of Grief. - The Role of Trust and Surrender for the Health of the Nervous System. - Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul. - Finding the Real Master and the Role of Silence as a Multidimensional Being. - The Intersection of Psychology, Spirituality, and Energy Work. - Advice for Starting a Journey of Healing and Transformation, and much more. To learn more about Kathia, visit her social media: - https://www.instagram.com/cosmicjourney.me/ To learn more about Kathia's upcoming training, click the following link: - https://www.cosmicjourney.me/facilitator-training Watch this episode on YouTube: - https://youtu.be/bcTG3YhYIx4 Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    38m 46s
  • 182 - Zen with Meido Moore

    19 MAR. 2024 · "Zen is to transcend life and death (all dualism), to truly realize that the entire universe is the “True Human Body” through the discipline of “body-mind in oneness.”… Zen without the accompanying physical experience is nothing but empty discussion.” ― Meido Moore This week, our whole team is honored to receive as our Guest, Meido Moore Roshi. Meido Moore was a disciple of the lay Zen master Tenzan Toyoda Rokoji, enduring rigorous training in Zen and traditional martial arts. He also trained under Dogen Hosokawa Roshi and So'zan Miller Roshi, all in the lineage of the famous Omori Sogen Roshi. Meido is the author of “The Rinzai Zen Way: A Guide to Practice” and “Hidden Zen: Practices for Sudden Awakening and Embodied Realization.” He serves as the abbot of Korinji, a monastery near Madison, Wisconsin, and is a guiding teacher of the international Rinzai Zen Community, leading retreats worldwide. In this episode, Meido Moore answers direct questions from Zen beginners and those unfamiliar with Zen yet drawn to its guidance and teachings addressing the topics of: - How Rinzai Zen emphasizes compassion in its teachings. - Rinzai Zen's approach to diversity in its practice and teachings. - The differences between monastic and lay practice in Rinzai Zen. - Rinzai Zen's view of the journey of a spiritual practitioner. - The tendencies for judgment and ways for practitioners to navigate and overcome such judgments. - The role of self-awareness. - Inclusivity regardless of background or beliefs. - Two functional practices within Rinzai Zen that any new practitioner can do right now. - The overarching goal of Rinzai Zen and its contribution to the well-being of both individuals and society. - The importance of the Master-Disciple relationship and much more. If you were ever curious about ZEN, or ready to embark on a journey of exploration and practice for you, then this episode is a good introduction for you. - Book links: - Hidden Zen: https://www.shambhala.com/authors/g-n/meido-moore/hidden-zen.html - The Rinzai Zen Way: https://www.shambhala.com/authors/g-n/meido-moore/the-rinzai-zen-way-15201.html - IG: https://www.instagram.com/korinji_monastery/ - Website: http://www.korinji.org/ You can follow, learn from, and support the Korinji Monastery on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/korinji Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/aInwjbiM8lo Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    1h 9m 6s
  • 181 - Behind the Scenes with Nika Roza

    6 MAR. 2024 · Have you ever wondered what lies behind the scenes of creation through music, art, and song? In this week's episode of the Spirituality Now podcast, we are honored to feature Russian-American singer and songwriter, Nika Roza Danilova, widely known as Zola Jesus. Nika Roza Danilova (born Nicole Rose Hummel; April 11, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her music seamlessly blends electronic, industrial, classical, and goth influences. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, she began her independent musical journey in northern Wisconsin during her college years. Danilova released two singles during her second year of studies through the independent label Sacred Bones, followed by two EPs. Her debut album, "The Spoils," was unveiled in 2009. Nika has released at least six https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studio_album, two https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compilation_album, two https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split_album, four https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_play, and more than eighteen https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_(music). In this episode, Nika shares her insights about: - Exploring the profound roles of music in our emotions. - Navigating life's highs and lows while befriending melancholy. - Addressing challenges within the music industry. - The often misunderstood & lonely journey of a creator. - The Call of the Divine to renew and transform and so much more. If you're interested in delving deeper into these discussions, watch the full podcast episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8bCskR0hpmI You can also learn more about Nika & Zola Jesus on her website, and social media, or support her on Patreon. - https://www.zolajesus.com/ - https://www.instagram.com/zolajesus/ - https://www.patreon.com/zolajesus Listen to the full episode now on Spotify or watch it on YouTube by searching "Spirituality Now Podcast” with Ivonne Delaflor. Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    54m 39s
  • 180 - Imagine a World Without Terrorism with Special Guest, Kia Scherr

    7 FEB. 2024 · "Peace is more than the absence of war." - Kia Scherr Kia Scherr, a seasoned meditation retreat leader with 20 years of experience at the Sanctuary Retreat Center in Faber, Virginia, shares profound insights. Author of "A Pocketbook of Peace" and "Forgiveness is a Choice" (recently released by Penguin Random House), Kia's transformative journey extends to Mumbai, India, where she collaborated with business, education, and police. A contributor to the Amazon bestseller "Second Chances, From Surviving to Thriving,” In this podcast, Kia and Ivonne discuss: - Encounter with Divinity: Exploring spiritual experiences and the refuge found in the Catholic Church. - Siddharta - The Buddha: Insights from the Buddha's teachings providing guidance for all human beings. - Meditation as a Path of Peace: Kia's expertise in leading Synchronicity Meditation retreats and the impact on transforming lives. - Transcendental Meditation, a Tool for Conscious Expansion: Delving into the role of transcendental meditation in achieving conscious expansion. - Master-Disciple Relationship Misunderstandings: Addressing common misunderstandings between a master and disciple. - Face-to-face Experience of Terrorism: Kia's personal account of losing her family in the 2008 Mumbai attack at the Oberoi. - Forgiving as Jesus Did?: Examining the concept of forgiveness in the face of personal tragedy. - Imagining a World Without Terrorism: Posing the question and exploring pathways to a world free from terrorism. - Your Way Back to Peace: Guidance on finding personal peace after tragedy. - Loving Like an Extremist: Discussing the concept of love and its role in fostering peace. And so much more... Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Sd0h_hpbBtw Kia now offers Personal Resilience programs for personal and corporate mentoring. You can find more about it here: - FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/OneLifeAlliance - Book: https://www.amazon.in/Forgiveness-Choice-Teachings-about-Peace/dp/0143450573 Listen to the full episode now on Spotify or watch it on YouTube by searching "Spirituality Now Podcast” with Ivonne Delaflor for an insightful exploration of these topics and the journey towards a more peaceful world where terrorism is not even a word we use anymore. Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    53m 1s
  • 179 - Supporting and Understanding the Animal Realm with Maribeth Decker

    18 ENE. 2024 · “Our pets are not messages for the collective, they have their own personality and soul purpose” - MD. Our guest today is an intuitive animal communicator, medical intuitive, and energy healer, and is the founder of SacredGrove.com, where People and Pets Heal and Connect. She works with pet guardians who dearly love their animals yet face tough issues. She uses her intuitive animal communication and energetic healing skills to address animals’ physical, emotional, and behavioral issues. She is also an author. Maribeth is the author of the book: Peace in Passing and she is especially gifted in helping pets and their people move gracefully through transitions - into the family, into a new family, or onto the next life. Maribeth helps people find peace and comfort, knowing they have made the right decision for everyone, including their animals. They finally experience deep, mutual love with the animal they have longed for. A retired Navy officer, Maribeth’s rich personal life experiences have enabled her to bring a wealth of heart-centered wisdom to her work with each client. Her unyielding intention is to consistently bring forth the maximum benefit for all concerned in the most benevolent manner possible. In this episode, Maribeth & Ivonne talk about: - The Comfort & direction that Buddhist education brings regarding the animal realm. - The entrance to the Animal Realm itself. - Recognizing the sentiency of Animals. - The transition from Navy Officer to animal communicator. - Seeing the SOUL in animals. - Navigating transitions of life and death. - Are Animals mirrors of our behaviors? - Is there an incarnation for the animal realm? - Is it ok to eat animals? - Preparing for death. - Animals, teachers of the Now? - And so much more... To watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/6ho4JXEPyhc To learn more about Maribeth or to purchase her book, visit her social media and web page: Book: https://sacredgrove.com/pipsecondedition/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maribethdecker Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sacredgrovepets Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    54m 48s
  • 178 - Fit to Lead; Through Wisdom, Strength & Joy with Katerina Satori

    2 ENE. 2024 · "I find joy in assisting people in transforming their wisdom into wealth, providing them with the resources needed to fulfill their soul's mission and live their legacy now.” KS Today on the show, I am honored to introduce a true evolutionary leader—Katerina Satori, Emissary of Strength, dear friend, and ally. Katerina, CEO of KS International, host of the Wisdom Podcast, Seer, Mystic, and award-winning online entrepreneur, has been serving inspiration and value to a global community for over 8 years. After arriving in the USA with just $3, Katerina has become a self-made entrepreneur offering 22 digital courses on business and mystical mastery. Her rapid success, earning multiple high six figures through the Kajabi platform alone—all organically, without ads or funnels—led Katerina to speak at the Kajabi Impact Conference. An Amazon Best-Selling Author, Katerina runs an internationally recognized educational company, serving as a sought-after mentor for thought leaders, 7 to 8-figure entrepreneurs, and CEOs. In this podcast episode, Katerina and Ivonne delve into: - The beauty of transformation. - Spotting moments of destiny. - The importance of taking leaps of faith. - The cost of unconscious decisions. - Creating the life of your dreams. - The blessing of an idea taken to action. - Thriving through cultural clash. - The gifts of living and working in the United States of America. - Showing up in the little. - Embodied Mastery. - Prosperity; are you against or in favor? - Business as an extension of our Spiritual Path. - Three steps to turn wisdom into abundance. - A unique blessing for strength guided by Katerina herself. - And so much more... To watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z6t7DF9VmZo If you want to learn more about Katerina visit her website and social media: - https://shor.by/PfbY - https://www.instagram.com/katerinasatori/ Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions. Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
    53m 26s

The Spirituality Now podcast is a place where we interview great minds and great hearts on the journey of self-realization and the betterment of humanity. We celebrate unity in diversity...

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The Spirituality Now podcast is a place where we interview great minds and great hearts on the journey of self-realization and the betterment of humanity.

We celebrate unity in diversity and aim to experience more of our non-dual nature along the way.

Podcast produced by Brilliant Futures Productions.
Sponsored by Delaflor Teachings Int. & Network for Human Empowerment TV.
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