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  • The Power of Women Coming Together: Insights from Drummer and Founder of Zepparella

    3 AGO. 2023 · In this episode of The Starter Girlz Podcast, Clementine Moss, founder and drummer of Zepparella, discusses her unexpected transition from being a rock and roll drummer to becoming a spiritual counselor. She emphasizes the significance of women supporting each other, being open to feedback, and maintaining clear communication. Moss also shares insights on avoiding psychoanalysis, the benefits of meditation, and delves into the world of shamanic practice. Topics such as self-reflection, grounding, and accessing inner wisdom are explored. Key Points • She formed Zepparella, her band, over 18 years ago, and it has become a primary source of income for her. • Clementine believes that everyone has their own instrument and should explore their musical talents. • Working with women who share a common work ethic and ability to overcome challenges has been instrumental in Clem's success. • Clear communication and ensuring that everyone's goals and expectations are aligned is crucial in maintaining a harmonious working relationship. • Resentments can arise in any relationship, but addressing them openly and taking responsibility can strengthen the bond and lead to growth. • Applied Shamanism helps prepare individuals for plant medicine ceremonies. • Sound healing and energy work are integral parts of these modalities. Best Quotes 04:46 • "Drums really are, I feel like everybody gets to, everybody has their instrument and people who say they're not musical, I feel that it's just because they haven't found their instrument." - Clementine Moss 08:52 - 08:59 • "Who says you're too old to decide you wanna play the drums, or you wanna play the piano and go do a piano recital, right." - Jennifer Loehding 10:53 - 10:59 • "I think anytime you can learn an instrument, I think, or a language or something, I think it's beneficial." - Jennifer Loehding 13:00 - 13:10 • "The women that I work with tend to have the same kind of work ethic and the same ability to really dig into some of the difficult things." 16:07 - 16:21 • "I want to let her know that I am completely open for her criticism of how I am not doing something, that's of benefit either for me, for her, or for both of us." 18:41 - 18:54 • "What a gift it was to have them feel comfortable enough to call me and say, 'Clem, this really bothers me,' and for us to be able to have a conversation where I could take responsibility, explain my intention, and apologize." 30:44 - 30:55 • "Discover this world within ourselves where we're getting information and getting this sense that we really do have our best interests at heart." To learn more about Clementine go to http://www.clemthegreat.com. #riseup #beamazing #beyoudoyou
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  • The Great Recalibration: Navigating Change and Adversity in Business

    21 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of The Starter Girlz Podcast, Tiana Sanchez, CEO and founder of TSI LLC, shares her journey as a successful entrepreneur and discusses the concept of the "great recalibration." The conversation emphasizes the importance of constantly adjusting and adapting in business, as well as staying relevant and flexible in a rapidly changing business landscape. Tiana's podcast, "Real Boss," continues to inspire and educate listeners with interviews from futurists, athletes, and women in leadership roles. Key Points • Tiana helps organizations improve their work environment and employee experiences through coaching, assessments, and training. • Her drive and ambition stemmed from a place of scarcity and the need to work hard for what she wanted. • Business, regardless of industry, requires constant innovation and adaptation to stay ahead of competitors and provide value to customers. • Collaboration and building relationships are essential in achieving success in business, as no one gets there alone. • "Real Boss" is a podcast designed for modern day leaders in supervisory, management, or leadership positions. • Tiana has interviewed futurists, athletes, actors, and survivors, showcasing a diverse range of perspectives on leadership. • The podcast offers valuable insights and information to provoke thought and discussion about leadership. Best Quotes • "Recalibration can be applied to various areas of life, including personal and professional growth." • "I do think entrepreneurs and employees, alike, need to constantly ask themselves if what they're doing will be valuable in the future and outpace competitors." • "Artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies have implications on the workforce and the future of business." • "Constant innovation is necessary for entrepreneurs to stay relevant and meet customer needs." To learn more about Tiana and her work, go to https://tianasanchez.com. #riseup #beamazing #beyoudoyou
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  • Breaking Through Barriers: The Transformative Impact of Energy Healing

    7 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of The Starter Girlz Podcast, host Jennifer Loehding interviews Erica Berry, an intuitive energy healer and certified emotion code and body code practitioner. Erica explains how she helps people identify and release emotional blockages, addressing physical pain and overcoming emotional obstacles. Her approach focuses on getting to the root of the problem and promoting holistic well-being. The conversation delves into the concept of setting the heart free through regenerative healing and the transformative impact it can have on various aspects of life. Key Points • Erica Berry uses emotion code and body code as her primary modalities for energy healing. • By addressing the emotional roots of these problems, Erica helps her clients experience a shift in consciousness and healing on multiple levels. • Erica's approach involves neutralizing and processing emotions in a healthy way, allowing for release and healing. • Energy healing can help identify patterns and precursors contributing to physical and emotional imbalances. • Recognizing the importance of emotions and energy can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful life. • Regenerative healing can help remove layers of the heart wall and bring about a 180-degree change in life. • Finding and doing what we love without effort can lead to natural results and a sense of fulfillment. Best Quotes 09:33 - 09:38 • "If energy cannot flow freely through the body, you're gonna have malfunction of body parts." 22:55 - 23:03 • "If I could just make this, it is my mission, if I could just do this one thing for people, it would be to set their heart free." You can learn more about Erica's work at https://regenerativehealing.as.me. #riseup #beamazing #beyoudoyou
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  • Breaking the Chains of Overwhelm: Strategies for Harmony and Success in Your Business

    22 JUN. 2023 · In this episode of The Starter Girlz Podcast, Erin Harrigan, a business coach, shares her journey and insights on how high achieving Christian women can redefine their hustle. Erin highlights the importance of finding harmony in your business and provides four keys to breaking the chains of overwhelm. Key Points • Anti-hustle trend: Erin’s response to the growing noise around the negative effects of hustle culture • Hustle as consistency and sticktoitiveness: Erin has found that some define hustle as the consistency and determination needed to see something through to the end. • Hustle is not in the Bible: While the concept of hard work is present in the Bible, the word “hustle” is not mentioned. • Working from a place of clarity and serenity leads to better outcomes • Self-care is an essential part of strategy and leads to optimal performance • Start a daily practice that starts before your feet hit the ground in business. • Find a coach who you mesh with and feel safe in their space. Best Quotes 11:44 - 11:52 "If working with intention, purpose, in a sense of timing is what hustle means, that that's actually what Jesus did, and therefore he had greater peace." 23:13 - 23:20 "And you know, here's the thing is we don't use the word serenity very often, right? We use the word calm, but we don't talk about serenity." 24:07 - 24:15 "You do have serenity because even if your business is an upheaval, you can think more clearly, you can act more decisively." 25:14 - 25:22 "Define what success means, right? Because you may be hearing all the noise of have a six figure business, but maybe that's not what defines success for you." 26:06 - 26:14 "Getting into a disciplined mode of operation, a daily mode of operation, again that starts with your prayer, meditation time." #riseup #beamazing #beyoudoyou
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  • The Swipe Right Effect: Choosing Self-Love and Empowerment

    8 JUN. 2023 · Author CK Collins discusses her book, The Swipe Right Effect, on the Starter Girlz Podcast, offering practical advice on how women can choose self-love and empowerment. In addition, Collins shares personal experiences with self-care practices like meditation, gratitude, and daily walks that have helped her manifest her dreams and find gratitude. The episode encourages listeners to embrace their passions and avoid societal expectations to lead fulfilling lives. Key Points • Collins traveled for a year to appreciate her newfound happiness and accomplishments. • Collins dreams of empowering young women to dream big and break out of societal expectations. • Embrace your passions and find something you're passionate about. • Practice self-love and use affirmations to boost your self-esteem. • Create a vision board and visualize your dreams and goals. • Avoid getting stuck in societal expectations and embrace your true self. • Embrace the power of deadlines to help motivate you. Best Quotes 10:45 - 10:50 "Dream manifest, believe in yourself that you can do all these things." 12:35 - 12:42 "I just want them to find something that they're passionate about and that they're happy. I don't care what it is, just get excited about it." 21:28 - 21:37"If I can use those happy places to form my vision, then yeah, that's my recommendation on how to do it." #riseup #beamazing #beyoudoyou
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  • The Journey of Ripley Rader: Creating a Fashion Brand for Female Empowerment

    25 MAY. 2023 · In this episode of The Starter Girlz Podcast, Ripley Rader shares her journey as an entrepreneur and designer who created a successful American-made all-inclusive sizing fashion brand for women. She offers advice on how to balance passion with practicality in pursuing entrepreneurship, do more yourself, stay true to your values, and create a unique point of view. Ripley also talks about her upcoming jumpsuit launch and inclusive campaign. Key Points • Ripley started designing clothes at the age of 12 and used her passion for female empowerment to create a fashion brand that has taken the country by storm. • She finds inspiration in the holes in women's closets and focuses on creating practical and fulfilling pieces that make women feel strong and powerful. • Learning new skills and doing more yourself can save money, time and create a unique point of view. • Failure and success are fleeting, so it is essential to stay focused on the dream and recognize that everything is temporary. • Being delusively self-confident is crucial, and too many voices can water down and dilute one's unique point of view. • Passion and belief in yourself are necessary for success. • Starting small and building a dedicated following is key. Best Quotes 09:57 - 10:01 "You have to be able to do the work and be willing to do the work to get the outcome that you want." 15:35 - 15:43 "You can do more than you think you can. And so what if you don't know how to do it? Look on YouTube, like figure it out, ask your friends." 21:49 - 21:58 "The passion of a new entrepreneur, there's nothing like it. And you really wanna bottle that and really lean in and listen to yourself." 23:25 - 23:30 "That kind of passion will carry you. You just have to really believe in yourself delusively." 25:40 - 25:48 "Imagine an army of women, not afraid to stand out, with our clothes, with our voices, with our courage, all of it." #riseup #beamazing #beyoudoyou #startergirlz
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  • Empowering Young Adults: A Conversation with Sara Deacon

    11 MAY. 2023 · Jennifer Loehding talks to Sara Deacon, an adulting coach, about coaching young adults to own their future and follow their passions. They discuss the challenges of working with teenagers and the importance of building healthy relationships. Sarah also shares tips on finding harmony during early adulthood, the importance of parents doing their own work, and balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship with family involvement and clear communication. Key Points • Coaching rather than consulting helps young adults explore their thoughts, feelings, and direction. • Young adults are resistant to adults telling them what to do, which is why coaching is crucial. • Parents need to communicate with coaches and therapists who are working with their kids. • It's important to recognize that your child is still developing, and that they need support, even as they push you away. • Involve your family in your business goals to create accountability and a shared reward system. • Strive for harmony in your life by recognizing where to put your time and energy. • Accept that there will always be give and take and an ebb and flow in your life. Best Quotes 05:47 - 05:56 "Yes. Yeah. That's really important, especially when connecting with young people cuz they are very resistant to maybe somebody telling them what to do." 09:25 - 09:45 "They're going through things that I've never gone through. So yeah, I can still help because I can get them clarifying their thoughts, their feelings, their direction, what they might wanna explore or play with or, you know, questioning some of the stories that maybe they're telling that aren't necessarily true." 09:45 - 09:58 "The big one, you know, we all know it when we're teenagers, it's the end of the world if I don't x, Y, or Z right? It's the end of the world. Right? Right. And actually getting into that and saying, okay, why, why would it be the end of the world?" 10:04 - 10:16 "They can get there, they can articulate and think through things really, really well. And I, I just love learning from them cuz they come up with things that I never would've thought of." 12:39 - 12:44 "There is an element of coaching of the parents generally with a lot of the people I work with." 15:39 - 15:43 "They're figuring out who they really are and who they wanna be." 27:17 - 27:21 "If we look for right to find harmony in our lives, then we can prioritize." #startergirlz #realtalk #community
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  • Principles of Success: Exploring the Intersection of Sports and Business

    5 MAY. 2023 · In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Davis McAlister to unpack the principles of success and explore how they intersect in sports and business. Some topics we touch upon are leadership, core values, and persistence. Dr. McAlister is an author, public speaker, coach, and Doctor of Chiropractic. In addition, he coaches a girl's powerlifting team and works with high-performance athletes. You can catch his entire story by visiting my other show, Behind the Dreamers, episode # 69, at https://youtu.be/pVdOsSIcQ5I. To learn more about him and his work, visit https://drdavismcalister.com. #startergirlz #realtalk #community #success
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  • One Change Can Make A Huge Difference Says Realtor & Mom, Hannah Engler, of The Engler Group.

    13 ABR. 2023 · Hannah Engler is one of the Englers in The Engler Group. Having come from humble beginnings and having children at a young age, Hannah decided she wanted more in her life. So she took up real estate alongside her husband. Together they formed The Engler Group and sold over $9 million in sales in three years. Now they are training others to be successful in the industry while building their legacy. Mindset, affirmations, and mediation are some of the topics we discuss in this episode. Hannah says one change can make a huge difference. It certainly did in her life. If you want to catch her husband, Kamron's, story head on over to Behind the Dreamers. You can find that episode at https://youtu.be/JeUaafg3aNg. To learn more about the Englers, visit https://www.theengler.com. #startergirlz #femaleentrepreneur #womenownedbusinesses #realtalk #community
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  • What is LinkedIn All About? Expert Talks Strategies

    30 MAR. 2023 · Naomi Johnson, an Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer, has spent the last ten years helping people position themselves as the 'go to' experts within their industry and structuring their business so prospects come pre-sold and ready to buy. She is the founder of TheProfile.Company and The Expert Economy, and author of The Expert Economy, What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile and Grassroots to Green Shoots. In this episode, we talk about the following: The inspiration behind the Profile Company The difference between a consultant and a coach and why this is important Strategies for maximizing your profile and how to utilize LinkedIn Must listen to moments: 01:39 What is the Profile Company, and how does Naomi help her clients? 03:59 Why is it important to take ownership of your decisions, and how is working with a coach different than working with a consultant 11:11 What are some of the biggest mistakes we make on LinkedIn 21:03 Naomi identifies strategies for working with LinkedIn to create success In this episode, you'll get tools for utilizing LinkedIn to create success. To learn more about Naomi, visit https://theprofile.company. To pick up the gift she mentioned in the episode, go to https://theprofile.company/starter-girlz/. #startergirlz #femaleentrepreneur #womenownedbusinesses #realtalk #community
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She is an achiever, a creator, a magic maker, and a dreamer. She is a Starter Girl.

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