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  • Season 7: Episode 357 - DARK FAMILIES: Bedknobs and Broomsticks/Enchanted

    20 MAR. 2024 · Join the captivating journey with the Literary License Podcast as we explore vintage and modern films, and delve into meaty discussions about social media's impacting modern society. This season 7 retrospective takes us through family film classics, "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" and "Enchanted," with our humorous hosts, Vicki Rae, Keith Chawgo and John Wilson.   From gleaning insights on popular games to discussing independent films and popular TV series, this episode traverses a variety of topics. Central to the discussion is the critique of social media obsessions and the undeniable charms of classics like "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" and "Enchanted." Take part in this dialogue that balances the exciting and the thought-provoking.   Our discourse on "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" unravels its unique blend of magic, war, and self-discovery, set apart from other Disney productions. We follow the enchanting journey of novice witch Miss Eglantine Price and the lovable con man, Professor Emilius Brown, highlighting significant moments of this live-action and animation production that won the Academy Awards for Best Special Visual Effects.   Journey further into Disney's magical realms as we explore "Enchanted" and its sequel "Disenchanted." Enjoy anecdotes and insights into this brilliant mix of real-world practicality and fairy-tale sweetness. The brilliant star-studded performance, toe-dipping bits into the world of fairy-tales, and shared laughter make this episode an enjoyable ride for every movie lover.   The analysis doesn't stop there. Dive into the magic of "Princess Diaries" and "Enchanted," discussing their musical scores, animation style, and lasting impact. Unwrap these influential tales of princesses and the fantasized version of New York while acknowledging Disney's self-awareness balancing charm and humour.   Tune in as we light-heartedly ponder film critiques, explore the paradox of commercial breaks, and appreciate cinema's enchanting magic. An episode designed for those who appreciate being carried away into whimsical tales and hearty discussions about the digital age's challenges and opportunities.   00:00:40- Films that scare, entice, and invite children into the underbelly of life as we know it.; 00:01:21- Hello, welcome to the Literary License Podcast. This is Dark Families Week.; 00:35:07 - The Modern Dilemma; 00:41:10- Enter Bedknobs and Broomsticks; 00:46:48- The Timeless Gem; 00:53:17- Glimpse into History; 00:56:42 - Behind the Scenes; 01:01:52- The Studio System’s Decline; 01:06:54- Angela Lansbury’s Versatility; 01:10:23 - The Evolution of Cinema; 01:12:37 - Navigating Through Decades; 01:15:16- Disney’s Renaissance Era; 01:19:26 - Rating Bedknobs and Broomsticks; 01:23:48 - Introduction to Enchanted; 01:26:32 - Collision of Worlds; 01:27:54- Adventures in Enchanted; 01:32:01- Exploring Character Development; 01:45:11- Musical Musings; 01:48:14 - Enchanted Star Ratings & Reviews; Opening Credits– Once Upon Theme by Dan Hughes Music Poduction.  Copyright 2024 LLPodcast   Closing Credits: Age of Not Believing by Angela Lansbury.  Taken from the album Bedknobs and Broomsticks Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Copyright 1971 Walt Disney Records   Section Breaks:  Music from Enchanted Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  Music by Alan Menken.  Copyright 2007 Walt Disney Records ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast.    All rights reserved.  Used by Kind Permission.   All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 356 - BATMAN: Two Out Of Joint/Catwalk/Bane/Baby Doll

    19 MAR. 2024 · For Batman enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados, join us in our retrospective journey into Batman- the animated series, other popular TV shows, and some cinematic favourites. Get to know our animated panel of experts – Sean Steffen, Joe Randazzo, Vicky Rae, and our host, Keith Chawgo, as they reveal their personal and professional experiences and their taste in movies. Delve into our extensive discussions on films, acting performances, and influential career positioning films. With lively debates, fascinating movie recommendations, and healthy doses of humour and sarcasm, this promising episode promises not just an interesting listen but a joyful ride through your favourite films and TV shows.   As we shift gears, our conversation lightens as we discuss the timeless beauty of black women and then dives into a shared appreciation for the film, "Bullet." From films recently screened in the local theatre to others including "Ring of Fire 2," "Psycho Cop," and the intriguing series "Twin Peaks," we discuss everything that enkindles our interest with enthusiasm and thorough analysis. Join us as we examine everything from thrilling chase scenes to emotional dialogues, painting a vivid cinematic world.   Analysing Popular TV Series: Twin Peaks, Dark Shadows, and Shogun.     Engage with us in a free-flowing discussion on reactions and thoughts on some of the trending TV series. The conversation evolves as we delve into performances, visual aesthetics, storyline intricacies, and the creative decisions driving narratives in series such as Twin Peaks, Dark Shadows, and the recently released series of Shogun. Navigate through this enlightening episode as we analyse characters, critique story strengths and weaknesses across different seasons, and conjecture how real-world events such as the Gulf War influenced certain shows.   Exploring Vintage Cinema Classics & Batman's Animated Series   In this episode, we pay homage to vintage cinema classics and Batman's animated series. Our discussion enlightens the contributions of William Castle, the American film director, and his timeless productions, including "Macabre," "House on Haunted Hill," and "The Tingler." We meticulously discuss the cinematic world of Batman's animated series, shedding light on key characters, intriguing plots involving The Clock King and Catwoman, and brilliant presentation techniques.   Universe of Superheroes: Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Spider-Man   Dive into the thrilling universe of superheroes, exploring their influence on cinema and broader popular culture. Listen to our engaging debate on characters such as Batman, Catwoman, the Gotham-resident Nightwing, and Marvel's Spider-Man, dissecting their different portrayals and analysing their appeals. The episode offers an immersive experience into the captivating world of iconic superheroes and would appeal especially to DC and Marvel universe enthusiasts.   Dissecting DC and Marvel: Comic Books, Films, TV Shows, and Influence   In this captivating episode, get engrossed in our deliberation on DC and Marvel's comic books, films, television shows, and how they influence each other. Join the discussions about two of the largest comic book empires, their adaptations, their distinctive fan bases, and the future of comic-based cinematic experiences.   Filmmaking & the Obsession with Trends: Industry Concerns and Critiques   In this gripping and honest discussion, we delve into grave concerns within the film industry today. Discussing issues like the rise of trend-driven filmmaking, the overdose of sequels, the evolution of Marvel and Star Wars' universes along with critiques of popular TV series such as The Mandalorian and Andor, this episode discusses how an overdose of trends can harm the film and TV industry's creativity and quality.   Exploring Batman's Animated Series: From Iconic Episodes to Recent Releases   In this episode, we embark on a journey through Batman's animated series, reviewing memorable moments, assessing nostalgic classics like Clerks 3, and discussing less favorable moments from recent releases. Join us as we delve into the layers of these iconic episodes, sharing insightful reviews, critiques and unravel the intriguing stories within stories in the Batman universe.   A Critique of 'Baby Doll' from Batman: The Problem of Fading Stardom   In this episode, we discuss the surprisingly poignant episode 'Baby Doll' from Batman's classic series. Join our conversation as we explore the struggles of child stars when their limelight dims prematurely. A deep dive into 'Baby Doll' offers a remarkable blend of absurdity, poignancy, and the dark realities of child stardom.    00:00:20 - Introduction to Batman Retrospective; 00:02:26 - Sean’s Preparations for Vacation; 00:05:23 - Discussion of ”The Dark Backward” Movie; 00:10:51 - Sean’s Plans for Hawaii Trip; 00:14:39 - Conversation on Aging and Society Norms; 00:21:34 - Michael Bay Movies and ”The Rock”; 00:22:31 - Joe’s Movie Watching Experiences; 00:26:51 - Review of ”Ring of Fire 2” and ”Psycho Cop”; 00:30:24 - Vicky’s Health and ”Twin Peaks” Watching Experience; 00:38:28 - William Castle’s Influence; 00:42:27 - Legal Battles and TV Shows; 00:59:09 - Catwoman’s Return; 01:07:45 - The Batman Code; 01:18:03 - Streaming Mysteries; 01:29:16 - Alfred’s Origins; 01:37:29 - Lazy Storytelling; 01:42:23 - Troubles in The Mandalorian; 01:50:04 - The Battle with Bane; 01:53:10 - Plans for a Podcast; 02:04:43 - Analysing Babydoll; 02:16:50 - Favourite Episodes Review; Opening Credits– Adventures of Batman and Robin The  - Animated Series by Shirley Walker.  Copyright 2008 Warner Records. All rights reserved   Closing Credits: Baby Doll by Ari Abdul.  Taken from the album Fallen Angel.  Copyright 2022 Ari Abdul   Section Breaks:  Music from the Batman: The Animated Series.  Music by Shirley Walker.  Copyright 2008 Warner Records ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast.    All rights reserved.  Used by Kind Permission.   All songs available through Amazon Music.    
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  • Season 7: Episode 355 - ONCE UPON A TIME: Who Censored Roger Rabbit/Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    19 MAR. 2024 · Welcome to an all-new episode of the Literary License Podcast, where we bridge the gap between literature and its screen adaptations. Join us and our special guest, Leandro Gazi, as we unwrap our life experiences, delve into the intriguing world of 'Who Censored Roger Rabbit?' novel by Gary Wolf and its iconic movie adaptation 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'.   We ecstatically dig deeper into the book’s thought-provoking narrative and how it subtly interlaces political innuendos. We uncover the creative vision of Leandro and how the distinctive charm of the movie adaptation adds to the Roger Rabbit legacy. Discover the plot twists and suspenseful allegory, leading us through a maze of mysteries and unanticipated denouements in the narrative.   We then traverse the exquisite realm of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', directed by the genius Robert Zemeckis. Released in 1988, it was a spectacular blend of live-action and animation, earning global recognition for its visual effects, performances, and humor. We feature a detailed comparison between the original book and the film adaptation, leading to an insightful view of the whole creation process.   Our discussion takes you back to the unforgettable scenes, such as the magnetic performance of Jessica Rabbit and Eddie Valiant's thrilling adventures in Toontown. We reveal the magic behind how this film jump-started the Disney Renaissance, setting a benchmark for animation.   Lastly, ride with us on a captivating journey into the world of animation film-making. We present a critique on the process of integrating classical characters into unrelated plots, the resulting repetitiveness, and how these techniques trick the viewer's eye to create visual masterpieces. Join us as we navigate the interesting narrative loops and special effects that mesmerize audiences through decades.   00:00:00 - Once Upon a Time; 00:07:25 - Who Censored Roger Rabbit; 00:11:09 - Thoughts on the Book; 00:32:48 - Behind the Scenes: Roger Rabbit’s Troubles; 00:34:46 - Toons and Tensions: Comedy and Controversy; 00:39:15 - The Dynamic Duo: Valiant and Rabbit Relationship; 00:43:16 - Adult Animation: A Modern Appreciation; 00:47:20 - Animated Delights: Nostalgia and Special Effects; 00:52:50 - Weasels and Wonders: Memorable Characters; 00:56:50 - Rating the Rabbit: A Visual and Story Analysis   Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – Copyright . All rights reserved   Closing Credits: Why Don’t You Do Right by Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee.  Copyright 1942 Columbia Records   Section Breaks:  Soundtrack Selections from the Original Motion Soundtrack Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  Music by Alan Silverstri.  Copyright 1988 Disney Records. ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast.    All rights reserved.  Used by Kind Permission.   All songs available through Amazon Music.    
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  • Season 7: Episode 353 - ANTHOLOGY: Night Gallery/Twilight Zone The Movie

    24 FEB. 2024 · Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-literary-license-podcast--3646911/support. Welcome to another riveting episode of the Literary License Podcast, a retrospective to explore the fascinating world of anthology films. From the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft to the cinematic masterpieces of the 1930s, anthologies have been an integral part of storytelling. This episode dives into "Night Gallery" from 1969 and the "Twilight Zone Movie" from 1983. This discussion-rich episode also features our host's favorite "What The F***" movies, discussing the shock factors, character development, and storytelling aspects of cult classics like "I Spit on Your Grave," "Humanoids from the Deep," and the provocative "Serbian Film". This conversation is a deep dive into the realm of anthologies with reflections on iconic films. Perfect for movie buffs or anyone looking for intriguing conversation about classic films. Listen as the hosts recount their unforgettable encounter with film director, Frank Henenlotter at a social event a few years ago. They discuss Henenlotter's unconventional filmmaking style and his unique work such as the Basket Case Trilogy. Also covered are insights into the complexities of the filmmaking business and the savvy filmmakers who played the studio system to their advantage. Contemplate the exploration of supernatural aspects, embodied by the acclaimed film, "Night Gallery." The hosts discuss how paintings embody powerful narratives of terror and the unknown, and add their personal experiences and interpretations, making this discussion a vibrant tapestry of genres. Engage in a comprehensive look at the history and ongoing influence of classic films and the era of afternoon television, with a deep dive into the 1930s, 40s, and early 50s classic cinema. Join us as we trace the evolution of afternoon television and witness the power of television, strategically repurposing classic movies. 00:00:14 - Exploring Anthologies Through the Ages; 00:04:58 - Introducing Night Gallery and Twilight Zone the Movie; 00:10:03 - Remembering Fred Ward and Discussing Ari Aster’s New Film; 00:34:42 - The Thin Man Movie Adventures; 00:40:10 - Night Gallery: A Supernatural Anthology; 00:49:14 - Humanity’s Blind Eye: Lessons Unlearned; 01:02:29 - Cult Movie Gems: Bubba Ho-Tep & Roddy McDowall; 01:08:42 - The Conqueror Worm vs. Witchfinder General; 01:45:21 - Twilight Zone: The Movie; 01:47:17 - Directors’ Journey to Another Dimension; 01:47:45 - Keith’s Thoughts on the Movie; 01:57:36 - The Tragic Helicopter Crash Incident; 02:06:16 - Tribute to the Victims and Credits; 02:08:56- Joe Dante’s Signature Tropes; 02:12:22 - Heartfelt Charm in Spielberg’s Episode; 02:13:15 - Recognition of Tanya Fenmore’s Performance; 02:15:50 - The Bitterness of Mr. Agee’s Character; 02:18:41 - Discussion on Elderly Community Centers; 02:20:31 - Cherished Memories with Loved Ones; 02:22:37 - Family Memories; 02:30:14 - Movie Directors’ Cliques; 02:40:10 - The Amityville Legacy; 02:46:14 - Twilight Zone Ratings; 02:52:14 - Nostalgic TV Guides; 02:58:23 - Podcast Updates and Future Episodes; 03:07:09 - Twilight Zone by The Manhattan Transfer Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – Copyright . All rights reserved Closing Credits: Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone by The Manhattan Transfers. Taken from the album Extensions. Copyright 1979 Atlantic Records Incidental Music Night Gallery soundtrack – William Goldenberg. Copyright 1969 NBC Universal Twilight Zone The Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Jerry Goldsmith. Copyright 1983 Warner Brothers Records. ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 353 - DOCTOR WHO: Interview with Ian Britten Hull

    22 FEB. 2024 · Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-literary-license-podcast--3646911/support. Dive deep into the world of one of the most iconic characters in television history with 'Behind The Scenes of Doctor Who: The Tom Baker Years - An Interview with Ian Brittan-Hull.' This episode from the Literary License Podcast takes listeners on a fascinating journey into the past, providing intriguing insights into the classic BBC science fiction series Doctor Who. Our host, Ramona Schnitger, engages in a captivating discussion with special guest, Ian Brittan-Hull, known for his role as Tom Baker's double on the show. Brittan-Hull shares his unforgettable experiences from his early fan days to the behind-the-scenes life as an integral part of the series. He brings to life his meetings with Tom Baker's publicity agent, his time in newspapers alongside Baker and his eventual transition into embodying the character at various public events. Throughout the episode, Brittan-Hull's accounts of working closely with Baker shed light on the human aspects of the legendary actor. He also answers listener queries about his performances, comparisons with other stuntmen, and his perspective on the role of stuntmen in the series. Within this nostalgic and intriguing listen, he candidly shares his journey of faithfully bringing Doctor Who out from the screens and into public spaces. The episode does not end there. Brittan-Hull then talks about his present ventures and upcoming projects, from his theater company AMA Theatre to his latest passion project, Pirates. His fascinating narratives of his creative journey make this podcast episode compelling for Doctor Who fans and general audiences alike. 00:00:25 - Journey to the Classic BBC Series of Doctor Who; 00:00:43 - Literary License Podcast Introduction; 00:02:11 - From Doctor Who Fan to Tom Baker’s Double; 00:10:40 - Enlisting Doctor Who Fans as Cybermen; 00:15:22 - Contrasting Stuntmen and Acting as the Doctor; 00:16:14 - Transforming Doctor Who Exhibitions with Fans; 00:22:15 - Unveiling the Abandoned Project: The Letter; 00:34:53 - Embracing the Magic of Doctor Who in Theater; 00:36:15 - Transforming Lockdown: The Pirates Resurrection; 00:43:24 - Closing Remarks and Future Facebook Stories; 00:44:00 - Closing Credits: Nature Boy by Lily and Nicholas von der Nahmer. Opening Credits– Doctor Who Theme. composer Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Copyright 1963 BBC World Music. Closing Credits: Nature Boy by Lily and Nicholas Von der Nahmer. Copyright 2020 Von Der Nahmer. https://www.youtube.com/@nicholasvondernahmer1991/featured ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 352 - DARK FAMILIES: Return to Oz/Oz The Great and Powerful

    21 FEB. 2024 · Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/the-literary-license-podcast--3646911/support. Welcome to another riveting episode of the Literary License Podcast, where we delve into the fascinating world of dark family films. In this Season 7 retrospective, our panel of film aficionados embark on a thrilling journey to dissect and discuss captivating movie narratives like "Return to Oz" and "Oz the Great and Powerful". Listen to our in-depth discussions as we delve into topics ranging from film analysis to the scrutiny and dissection of film elements to provide valuable insights. Explore the behind-the-scenes of serious film criticism and learn about the challenges of watching films, 15 seconds at a time. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive discussion about the iconic director, David Lynch. Discover his distinctive work and join us in exploring the haunting world of Dorothy Gale in "Return to Oz". Join us as we analyze and speculate about unasked questions about popular characters' actions and intentions, compelling you to return to this beloved childhood tale with fresh eyes. It's a fascinating journey through a timeless classic story that continues to captivate audiences. Get ready to dive into the captivating and haunting world of children's films with 'Return to Oz'. We discuss how this timeless classic closely resembles the book's illustrations and touch upon societal concerns in the mid-80s and how they impacted the reception of darker children's movies. Wrapping up this profound exploration of cinematic artistry and storytelling, we invite you to tune in for an episode that truly delves into the complex and ever-evolving cosmos of films that continue to captivate audiences through mesmerizing tales of fantasy and reality. 00:00:40 - Films that scare, entice, and invite children into the underbelly of life as we know it.; 00:01:21 - Hello, welcome to the Literature License Podcast, and we’re discussing dark family films.; 00:12:14 - Come on a journey with the Literary License Podcast as we explore in our Season.; 00:41:17 - Frustrations at Work; 00:42:25 - Boosting Self on Screen; 00:43:03 - Confusion with Emojis; 00:43:11 - Catching Up with Vicky; 00:43:45 - Vicky’s Recent Watchlist; 00:44:28 - Keith’s Recent Viewing Habits; 00:45:54 -Twin Peaks Rewatch; 00:47:07 - Discussing Twin Peaks: The Return; 00:49:04 - The Fascination with Twin Peaks; 00:52:40 - The Art of David Lynch; 00:53:21 - Letting Lynch Films Wash Over You; 00:56:18 - Speculations on David Lynch’s New Project; 01:01:16 - Oscars and Missed Opportunities; 01:05:53 - Appreciation for Tom Cruise’s Movies; 01:10:20 - Discovering Tubi; 01:13:01 - Trailer Review: Return to Oz; 01:14:14 - Return to Oz Analysis; 01:51:14 - Return to Oz Review; 02:03:07 - Oz the Great and Powerful Film Analysis; 02:05:20 - Mysterious Dream in Oz; 02:07:32 - Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead Influence; 02:08:47 - The Great Movie Nod-off; 02:10:48 - Curious Origins; 02:11:20 - Aging in Oz; 02:12:13 - The Witch’s Betrayal; 02:13:14 - Unexpected Twists; 02:15:11 - A Divine Revelation; 02:15:37 - Beauty in Cinematography; 02:16:07 - Franco’s Smarmy Charm; 02:16:37 - The Enigmatic James Franco; 02:17:35 - Roasting Hollywood; 02:17:53 - A Wicked Sequel; 02:18:21 - Evil Con Artists; 02:20:38 - Musical Influence; 02:22:26 - Splitting Movies; 02:23:06 - Sequel Setups; 02:25:07 - Unnecessary Length; 02:27:04 - Never-ending Movies; 02:27:42 - Egotistical Productions; 02:28:23 - The Wizard’s Betrayal; 02:29:25 - Mysterious China Girl; 02:32:05 - Message Movie; 02:32:51 - The Dark Knight Influence; 02:34:34 - The Creation of Wicked; 02:36:50 - Lazy Scripting; 02:37:45 - Sam Raimi’s Style; 02:39:04 - Visual Vibrancy; 02:39:56 - Sam Raimi’s Charm; 02:41:48 - Superhero Movie Woes; 02:44:21 - Rating – Joe; 02:46:24 - Rating – Sean; 02:48:04 - Sam Raimi Disappointments; 02:50:35 - Drag Me to Hell Critique; 02:51:50 - Literary License Recap; 02:56:41 - Toto (Don't It Feel Like Paradise) by Lynda Carter Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – Copyright . All rights reserved Closing Credits: Toto (Don’t It Feel Like Paradise) by Lynda Carter. From the album Portrait. Copyright 1978 Epic Records Incidental Music: Return To Oz Soundtrack. Music by David Shire. Taken from the Return To Oz Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Copyright 1985 Walt Disney Records Oz The Great and Powerful Soundtrack. Music by Danny Elfman. Taken from Oz The Great and Powerful Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Copyright 2013 Walt Disney Records. ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 351 - BATMAN: Avatar/House and Garden/The Terrible Trio/Harlequinade

    10 FEB. 2024 · Join us for a riveting episode of the "Literary License Podcast" as we diverge from Batman retrospectives and delve deep into the chaotic world of Pro Wrestling. Journey with our hosts Keith Chawgo, Sean Steffan, and Vicky Rae as we examine significant events, from the controversies surrounding Vince McMahon's resignation to the reactions towards Dwayne 'The Rock'" Johnson's return. Marvel at the dynamics behind the rise of wrestling stars like Cody Rhodes and the political power plays pervading the industry. Picture the thrilling future of wrestling through our intriguing conjectures and hear our comparisons to the world of TV soaps. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on the dichotomy between good and evil, and anticipations for the upcoming Vince McMahon biopic. Dive into our extensive explorations of video games, unique movie recommendations, and in-depth analysis of the iconic Batman series. Feel our hosts' gaming frustrations and triumphs, understand the hypnotic charm of Yakuza movies, and partake in our anticipation for classic series like Twilight Zone and Friday the 13th. Unravel Batman's complicated relationships and contemplate his future as we navigate the exciting world of streaming. Participate in reflective discussions on power dynamics, personal responsibilities, and mutual attraction as we tackle a range of entertainment topics. Join us as we analyze fascinating characters like Harley Quinn and the Terrible Trio, uncovering motivations and examining complex dynamics. Further, delve into the intricacies of film making and profitability, shedding light on the importance of fanbases and the enduring appeal of a variety of movies and actors. Discover thrilling genres of horror and action films, understanding the subtlety of messaging, the impacts of company ownership, and financial struggles of major cinema industry players. Round out the conversation with reflections on the presentation and performances in iconic movies like "Barbie" and ponder over the possible future of the "Transformers" franchise in this engaging episode. Take part in our exploration of the world of movies, toys, celebrities, and nostalgia as we discuss the evolution of the Transformers franchise, the illustrious career of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, and the careers of renowned actors like John Travolta and Robin Williams. Relish in our nostalgic reminiscences of forgotten sequels and real-life dynamics mirrored in movies and conclude with an insight into the multifaceted psyche of comedians like Richard Pryor. Traverse through classic TV series' episodes as we wrap up this dynamic episode that is too intriguing to miss! 00:00:20 - A Podcast Journey into the World of Batman; 00:00:55 - Introduction to Batman Week on the podcast; 00:04:37 - Vince McMahon’s return and the involvement of The Rock; 00:08:33 - Manipulation of the media and fan reactions to The Rock’s return; 00:11:35 - The ongoing saga of Vince McMahon and potential revelations; 00:15:09 - The importance of conflict and dichotomy in wrestling storylines; 00:18:39 - Wrestlers’ Controversial Behavior Exposed; 00:24:54 - From Hollywood discussion to European horror films; 00:28:18 - Frustrations with American bureaucracy and video game reminiscing; 00:32:10 - Blu-ray box sets and streaming service discussions; 00:34:42 - Introduction to Batman: The Animated Series and Avatar; 00:38:59 - Reflection on the Ending and the Possibility of Retirement; 00:43:59 - Poison Ivy’s Return and Mysterious Crimes; 00:53:05 - DVD Format Woes and the Need for Remasters; 00:56:38 - ”Ricochet”: A Secret Sequel to Die Hard and the Desire for Remastering; 01:00:36 - ”The Interview”: Controversy and the Story Behind the Movie; 01:06:43 - Analyzing the complexities of workplace relationships and accountability; 01:11:53 - Establishing rules for relationships with colleagues and friends; 01:15:45 - Navigating shifting dynamics and aligning with different friendships; 01:17:09 - Introducing the Terrible Trio: Gotham’s New Master Criminals; 01:22:15 - The Robin Hood Theory and Bored Trust Fund Kids; 01:26:09 - Harlequinade: An Explosive Joker-Harley Dynamic; 01:30:15 - Understanding Harley Quinn: Misrepresentations in Live-Action Adaptations; 01:34:26 - Unleashing the Full Potential of Harley Quinn in Live-Action; 01:38:51 - The Controversial Shelving of Coyote vs. Acme Movie; 01:44:21 - The Vindictive Prick: A Public Embarrassment; 01:48:27 - Horror and Action Films: Easy Background Entertainment; 01:53:16 - Mixed Feelings about Movie Length; 01:56:42 - Barbie’s portrayal and potential as an intellectual property; 02:00:17 - Hoping for a funnier and less serious approach to the film; 02:03:17 - Plans for a Hasbroverse involving G.I. Joe and Transformers; 02:07:22 - The Creepy Plot Point in a Transformers Movie; 02:16:08 - Robin Williams in ”Good Morning Vietnam”; 02:25:35 - Favorite Episode: Avatar and the Fascinating Ra’s al Ghul; 02:30:07 - House and Garden: Exploring Poison Ivy’s Emotional Range; 02:31:43 - Finalizing the Literary License Podcast and Upcoming Batman Series Episode; 02:38:01 - Housewife by Qveen Herby Opening Credits– The Adventures of Batman and Robin: The Animated Series – Copyright . 1992 Warner Brothers Animation – Music by Shirley Walker. All rights reserved Closing Credits: Housewife by Qveen Herby. Taken from the album Housewife. Copyright 2023 Checkbook Records ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 350 - ONCE UPON A TIME: Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)/(Film: 1939)

    4 FEB. 2024 · Welcome to a highly engaging episode of the Literary License Podcast's Book to Screen series. In this episode, dive into the timeless world of 'The Wizard of Oz' by L. Frank Baum. Join hosts Keith Chawgo, Leandro Ghezzi and Vicky Rae as they delve into the mesmerizing world of Oz, discussing its origins, Broadway adaptation, and its iconic film version that made Judy Garland unforgettable. Immerse in the journey of Dorothy Gale, Toto, and the magical Land of Oz. Discover or even re-discover why this classic American fairy tale remains close to our hearts as we go through the fascinating characters, landscapes, and intricate quests of the story. The episode also features a deep exploration of the symbolic elements and hidden messages within the story, shedding light on some intriguing theories and metaphors. The podcast also eloquently touches upon the complexities of the digital existence in the era of social media. The conversation raises questions about our privacy and highlights the consequential aspects of our digital interactions. Important issues like online bullying and the psychological impact of social media are also addressed, stressing the need to discern the 'false reality' it presents. Furthermore, revealing a refreshing perspective on pop culture, we share noteworthy insights relating to manipulation in media and the portrayal of 'happy' life in advertising. Then, we decant 'The Wizard of Oz' in contrast to its widely popular cinematic version, also exploring the narrative techniques in children's fantasy novels. The conversation wraps up with a spirited critique of 'The Wizard of Oz' film, also touching upon its African American adaptation - 'The Wiz'. Offering significant insights into the casting and production, this thrilling episode leaves no stone unturned. So whether you're a fan of the original books or the picked adaptations, this episode promises a fresh and thorough perspective on the world of Oz. 00:00:00 - Introduction to Literary License Podcast’s Book to Screen Episode; 00:06:27 - Preparations for Moving to the US; 00:09:39 - Traffic and Infrastructure in Texas; 00:12:48 - Expressing Excitement about Returning to the US; 00:13:31 - The Origins of The Wizard of Oz; 00:15:10 - Introduction to Dorothy’s journey in the magical land of Oz; 00:18:57 - The Wizard reveals his true identity and grants the companions’ desires; 00:20:48 - Introduction to The Wizard of Oz and initial impressions; 00:24:16 - Wicked and the exploration of characters from the book; 00:27:54 - Discussion of Wicked and anticipation for its film adaptation; 00:31:14 - The illusion of appearances and the characters’ traits; 00:35:01 - L. Frank Baum’s interesting life and inspirations; 00:38:02 - Violence and dark elements in the original Oz book; 00:47:45 - The Challenge of Finding Reliable News Sources; 00:51:19 - The Impact of Social Media on Different Generations; 00:54:27 - The Discrepancy between Online and Real-Life Appearances; 00:58:24 - The Illusion of Reality TV and Raising Children; 01:02:20 - Relationships and the Importance of Hearing Both Sides; 01:06:04 - Historical Perspective on Natural Disasters; 01:09:37 - The Wizard of Oz: A Classic Five-Star Story; 01:12:14 - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead - Ella Fitzgerald; 01:14:20 - Introduction and Background of The Wizard of Oz; 01:17:24 - The Wicked Witch’s sinister threat; 01:18:52 - Introduction and Initial Thoughts on The Wizard of Oz; 01:22:10 - Judy Garland’s Troubles and Alternative Casting Choices; 01:25:23 - Personal Reactions and Blu-ray Version; 01:29:15 - Noticing New Things in Munchkin Land; 01:36:58 - The Prologue and Original Singer of Over the Rainbow; 01:43:00 - Margaret Hamilton’s Presence and the Poppy Field Myth; 01:46:42 - The directors and financials of the film; 01:53:51 - Discussion on celebrities with gay children; 02:02:23 - Seeing the Red Shoes and Dorothy's Dress at the Smithsonian; 02:04:36 - Rating and Visual Effects of the Wizard of Oz; 02:11:40 - Wrapping up the Literary License Podcast; 02:14:37 - Closing Credits: Over the Rainbow by Ella Fitzgerald Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – Copyright . All rights reserved Intermediate Song: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead by Ella Fitzgerald. Taken from the album Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Harold Arlen Songbook. Copyright 1961 Verve Records. Closing Credits: Over the Rainbow by Ella Fitzgerald. Taken from the album Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Harold Arlen Songbook. Copyright 1961 Verve Records. ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 349 - DOCTOR WHO: The Dalek's Master Plan/The Massacre/The Ark

    4 FEB. 2024 · Journey back to the captivating universe of timeless Doctor Who episodes from 1965 to 1967. Enjoy a nostalgic rollercoaster ride of extra-terrestrial adventures starting with the Daleks Master Plan, characterized by thrilling narratives, unforgettable characters, and an intriguing insight into the series. Relive the memorable performance of our venerated Doctor and delve into the fascinating world of the enigmatic "Master". Discuss the unforgettable episodes, intriguing characters, and compelling facts about the show. Embark on a conversational journey to explore the enigmatic Mavic Chen, the Galactic Federation's fascinating concept, and the relevance of air purity in the series. Could this be a foreshadowing of climate change issues? Find your seat in this engaging conversation that explores the swinging sixties charm and magic of Doctor Who. Discover the incredible popularity and lasting legacy of Doctor Who, where our speakers delve into viewer ratings and share nostalgic moments. Uncover how the series made its way into schools and captivated millions globally. Learn about the innovative filming techniques of the 60s that brought Doctor Who's universe to life, presenting a detailed narrative of the profound plot lines hidden in the Doctor's adventures. End your journey by exploring the controversial use of historic footage in the series and the narratives surrounding our favorite characters. Engage with our panelists as they review the episodes and discuss the debuts of series greats like Michael Sheard and Roy Skelton. Stay tuned for final thoughts on standout moments, detailed ratings, and exciting social media updates. Dive into this vivid feast of Doctor Who memories today! 00:00:19 - A Journey to the Past: Exploring Doctor Who Episodes (1965-1967); 00:00:45 - Introducing the Daleks Master Plan and The Massacre; 00:03:23- Comic con plans and ongoing art exhibition; 00:05:44 - Visit to Harry Potter Land and discussing favorite books; 00:07:34 - Daleks’ Master Plan: Unveiling the Epic Journey Begins; 00:07:55 - Synopsis for Doctor Who, the Daleks’ Master Plan; 00:13:14 - Reviewing the Daleks Master Plan, a 12-episode journey; 00:19:06 - The potential of Doctor Who’s vast and universal universe; 00:21:47 - Ratings fluctuation and competition for viewership; 00:24:52 - Discussing the book title and its connection to the story; 00:28:00 - The Missing Story of the Massacre; 00:30:37 - Departing Paris as the Massacre Begins; 00:32:22 - Introduction to The Massacre and Online Animations; 00:34:56 - A Recap of ”The Massacre” Storyline; 00:37:19 - TARDIS Details and Ratings Drop; 00:40:24 - Studio Testing and Audience Reaction; 00:42:14 - The Ark: A Futuristic Adventure Begins; 00:54:02 - Cliffhanger for the Celestial Toy Room; 00:55:17 - Reflections on the Overall Experience; 00:56:08 - Social Media Plugs and Blog Updates; Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – Copyright . All rights reserved Closing Credits: Love Kills by Freddie Mercury. Taken from the album Metropolis – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Georgio Moroder. Copyright 1984 CBS Records. ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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  • Season 7: Episode 348- ANTHOLOGIES: Sin City (2005)/Southbound (2015)

    27 ENE. 2024 · Sin City (also known as Frank Miller's Sin City) is a 2005 American neo-noir crime anthology film produced and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. It is based on Miller's graphic novel of the same name. Much of the film is based on the first, third, and fourth books in Miller's original comic series. The Hard Goodbye is about an ex-convict who embarks on a rampage in search of his one-time sweetheart's killer. The Big Fat Kill follows a private investigator who gets caught in a street war between a group of prostitutes and a group of mercenaries, the police and the mob. That Yellow Bastard focuses on an aging police officer who protects a young woman from a grotesquely disfigured serial killer. The intro and outro of the film are based on the short story "The Customer is Always Right" which is collected in Booze, Broads & Bullets, the sixth book in the comic series. The film stars an ensemble cast led by Jessica Alba, Benicio del Toro, Brittany Murphy, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, and Elijah Wood, and featuring Alexis Bledel, Powers Boothe, Michael Clarke Duncan, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki, Carla Gugino, Rutger Hauer, Jaime King, Michael Madsen, Nick Stahl, and Makenzie Vega among others. Sin City opened to wide critical and commercial success, gathering particular recognition for the film's unique color processing which rendered most of the film in black and white while retaining or adding color for selected objects. The film was screened at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival in competition and won the Technical Grand Prize for the film's "visual shaping". A sequel also directed by Miller and Rodriguez was released in 2014, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, but failed to match the critical and commercial success of its predecessor. Southbound is a 2015 American anthology horror film directed by Radio Silence, Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, and Patrick Horvath. Produced by Brad Miska and Roxanne Benjamin, the film premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival on September 16, 2015, and was released theatrically on February 5, 2016, in a limited release. The film was included on numerous Best Horror Films of 2016 lists including those by Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed and the Thrillist. Opening Credits; Introduction (1.00); Background History (4.46); Sin City Film Trailer (2005) (7.22); Exploring Our First Feature (9.04); Let's Rate (50.46); Introducing a Film (53.57); Southbound (2015) Film Trailer (54.46); Lights, Camera, Action (57.06); End Credits (1:12.43); Closing Credits (1:14.20) Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – Copyright . All rights reserved Closing Credits: Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads. From the album Little Creatures. Copyright 1985 Sire Records. ​ Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. Incidental Music: Music from Sin City Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Robert Rodriguez, John Debney and Graeme Revell. Copyright 2005 Varese Sarabande. Music from Southbound Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by The Gifted. Copyright 2015 Headquarters Music. All rights reserved. Used by Kind Permission. All songs available through Amazon Music.
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