• Navigating Data Compliance to Protect What Matters 

    7 JUN. 2024 · Seqtek discusses various topics related to technology services. The conversation covers data compliance, data architecture, data management, legacy code integration, agile development, data analysis, error remediation, working with internal dev teams, and the importance of a product owner. Keywords technology services, data compliance, data architecture, data management, legacy code integration, agile development, data analysis, error remediation, internal dev teams, product owner Takeaways - Data compliance is a challenging issue for businesses, and it's important to find technology partners with expertise in this area. - Understanding data architecture and management is crucial for utilizing AI, ML, and other data analytics processes. - Legacy code integration can be done with modern software development practices to update applications while maintaining core functionality. - Agile development with regular product demos helps show progress and involve stakeholders in the process. - Data analysis can provide valuable insights for businesses, and error remediation can be automated to reduce human mistakes. - Working with internal dev teams and having a product owner are essential for successful software projects. Sound Bites  - Does your business have a lot of data that's unstructured and normalized? - Contact us, SeqTek. - Tailor your data strategy to fit your business. Chapters - 00:00Introduction and Copy Reading Struggles  - 06:10Integrating Legacy Code with Modern Practices - 12:04Analyzing Data for Valuable Insights
    27m 29s
  • The Scrum Master Journey with Jason Knight

    23 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of the SEQTEK podcast, host Ken Williamson interviews Jason Knight, an IT project manager and former Scrum Master. They discuss Jason's IT journey, the role of a Scrum Master, the value proposition of having a dedicated Scrum Master, and the challenges of transitioning from a developer to a Scrum Master. They also touch on the current debate about the effectiveness of Agile and Scrum, and the shift from project to product management. Takeaways - The role of a Scrum Master is to protect the focus of the development team and ensure they can deliver high-quality work - Having a dedicated Scrum Master is valuable because they have the knowledge and experience to guide the team in following the Scrum framework - The transition from a developer to a Scrum Master can be challenging, as it requires a shift in focus and responsibilities - The effectiveness of Agile and Scrum is often questioned due to poor implementation and over-reliance on form rather than outcomes - The shift from project to product management involves focusing on outcomes and placing bets to achieve desired results - Balancing the demand and supply of work in product development requires portfolio management and a coherent method for prioritizing and allocating resources Sound Bites - "You need a Scrum Master for the same reason you would need a sheepdog." - "Transitioning from a role defined by attention to one kind of defined by intention." - "The need for rapid learning cycles and iterative development of products is only increasing." Chapters 00:00Introduction and IT Journey 07:11The Role of a Scrum Master 24:45The Debate on Agile and Scrum 32:12The Shift from Project to Product Management 35:10Balancing Demand and Supply in Product Development 38:13Closing Remarks
    38m 6s
  • Customizing Smarter Tools for Your Business Needs

    9 MAY. 2024 · Summary In this conversation, Matt and Ken discuss the importance of maximizing efficiency systems like JIRA and the challenges of implementing them effectively. They emphasize the need for companies to define their own processes and structures within these tools to ensure conformity and ease of onboarding for new employees. They also touch on the topic of big data and its significance in providing feedback and insights for companies. The conversation concludes with a brief mention of data compliance and the complexities involved in managing and protecting data. Keywords: efficiency systems, JIRA, agile process, maximizing JIRA, organizational tools, data, big data, data feedback, data compliance Takeaways: - Maximizing efficiency systems like JIRA requires defining processes and structures that fit the company's needs - Data provides valuable feedback and insights for companies - Big data refers to the collection of related data streams that may not have clearly defined relationships - Data compliance is a complex issue that companies need to be aware of and navigate carefully Chapters 00:00Introduction and Personal Updates 09:12The Significance of Data: Feedback and Insights 23:11Navigating Data Compliance: Complex Issues 27:24Conclusion
    27m 29s
  • Thinking Product Not Project with Chris Barba

    10 ABR. 2024 · In this conversation, Chris Barba discusses the shift from a project mindset to a product mindset in software development. He explains the importance of adopting a product-focused approach and the benefits it brings. Chris also highlights the need for long-running cross-functional teams and the impact they have on productivity and collaboration. He provides insights into budgeting and metrics in a product-oriented environment. Finally, Chris shares valuable resources for further learning on this topic. Takeaways - Transitioning from a project mindset to a product mindset is crucial for successful software development. - Long-running cross-functional teams promote collaboration and reduce dependencies. - Budgeting and metrics need to align with the value delivered by the product. - Continuous learning and improvement are essential in a product-focused approach. Chapters 00:00Introduction and Setting 06:07Transitioning from Project to Product 27:59Budgeting and Metrics 34:59Long-Running Cross-Functional Teams 40:00Resources for Further Learning
    38m 11s
  • Customizing Success with CEO Hank Haines

    28 MAR. 2024 · In this inspiring episode of the SEQTEK Podcast, hosts Kenn Williamson and Matt Lemke chat with SEQTEK's CEO, Hank Haines. They delve into Sequoyah Technologies' journey from an internet provider in the mid-90s to offering custom coding solutions for ERP systems. Hank shares stories of steering the company through the .com bust, stressing the need for strategic adaptation to emerging tech, and forward-thinking on AI and ML. Hank's insights offer valuable lessons on resilience, innovation, and a cautious optimism toward the future of AI in business.
    47m 56s
  • Overcoming Obstacles in the Digital Age

    14 MAR. 2024 · On this week's episode of the SEQTEK Podcast Kenn Williamson and SEQTEK'S President, Brent Fields explore the evolving landscape of AI, the role of change management in businesses, and strategies for successful digital transformation. Learn about data readiness, team alignment, and navigating a digital-first environment. Gain actionable advice for a successful transition.
    33m 13s
  • Exploring Side Hustles, Ethics, and Efficiency in the Gig Economy

    28 FEB. 2024 · Kenn Williamson and JD Davis delve into side hustles, remote work, and ethical considerations in the gig economy for software developers. Explore the nuances of time management and subcontracting in today's economy.
    29m 49s
  • Strategic IT Thinking in the Age of AI

    1 FEB. 2024 · Discover the transformative power of AI in this week's episode of the SEQTEK Podcast. Explore the importance of data integrity, user experiences, and optimizing data flow for long-term business success. Gain insights on debunking AI myths and leveraging technology to amplify core business competencies. Tune in for a discourse on making technology work smarter for you.
    32m 34s
  • Maximizing Your Software Team's Potential and Resources

    23 ENE. 2024 · Join Matt Lemke for a solo episode as he addresses the questions many businesses are asking: "Where do we go in 2024? How do I maximize the year?" Matt provides insights on maximizing your current software team's potential without costly resources like new hires. He emphasizes integrating online programming resources, improving system processes, exploring Agile methodologies, and the crucial role of having a sound system structure for scalability in 2024. Tune in for key insights and practical resources to prepare your team for the future! Resources mentioned in the episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/craig-groeschel-leadership-podcast/id1070649025, https://frontendmasters.com/courses/getting-started-javascript-v2/, https://www.spreaker.com, and https://www.udemy.com/courses/development/.
    24m 49s
  • Transforming Your Online Presence with Danielle Thompson

    30 OCT. 2023 · Welcome to Transforming Your Online Presence with Danielle Thompson, the show where we dive deep into the world of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and online business success. Episode Highlights: 1. Meet Danielle Thompson - A brief introduction to Danielle's background and expertise in digital marketing and online business growth. 2. The Importance of Online Presence - Discuss the significance of establishing a strong online presence for businesses in today's digital age. 3. SEO Optimization - Explore the fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its role in improving a business's visibility on search engines. 4. Strategies for Online Business Growth - Danielle shares her insights into effective strategies and techniques for expanding an online business's reach and impact. 5. Content Marketing - The hosts and Danielle delve into the power of content marketing and how it can drive engagement and growth. 6. Social Media Marketing - Discuss the role of social media platforms in building brand recognition and connecting with a wider audience. 7. Measuring Success - Explore key metrics and tools to measure the success of your online marketing efforts. 8. Common Pitfalls - Danielle highlights some common mistakes businesses make when trying to establish their online presence and offers solutions to avoid them. 9. Staying Current in the Digital World - The hosts and Danielle share insights into staying up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the digital marketing landscape. 10. Final Thoughts - The episode concludes with key takeaways and a word of advice for businesses aiming to make a bigger impact online. Thank you for tuning in to this episode of Transforming Your Online Presence with Danielle Thompson Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review us for more insightful discussions on online business and marketing. Stay tuned for our next episode.
    38m 7s

The SeqTek Podcast is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to stay up to date on new IT advancements and developments. SeqTek not only keeps you informed, but it also...

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The SeqTek Podcast is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to stay up to date on new IT advancements and developments. SeqTek not only keeps you informed, but it also brings unique perspectives and insight into the world of Tech. The podcast allows you to hear from experts in their fields, such as entrepreneurs, executives, and venture capitalists, giving insight into technologies, business models, and so much more. SeqTek's podcast is the perfect tool for staying at the top of your game when it comes to powering through the fast-paced world of IT.

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