• EP 199 - Dawain Atkinson competes in his first bodybuilding show

    15 ABR. 2024 · Dawain Atkinson is back after his first bodybuilding show. Dawain is E2M's (https://e2mfitness.com/) Director of Communications. Dawain has created a number of things including the Biblical and Reformed podcast network (https://www.facebook.com/thebarpodcastnet) among many other things. We are excited to get the details of all that went into getting into stage shape for his first comp.
    1h 3m 18s
  • EP 198 - Mike Lohman and Ken McClelland discuss book Mastering Strongman

    2 ABR. 2024 · Ken McClelland and Mike Lohman just wrote a book entitled Mastering Strongman which you can buy https://store.startingstrongman.com/product/mastering-strongman-a-training-guide-for-40-strongman-athletes/ Ken McClelland is a pro strongman, coach, 2x masters world champ, and more (I know his bio goes on, he's been in MMA and other sports as well). If you have any questions about what’s in the book, or if you’re interested in coaching, please feel free to contact Ken at: https://gmail.com find him on Instagram: @ken_e_mcclelland.    Mike Lohman is a certified personal trainer and strength coach, the founder of Warpath Strength, co-host of “The Average Joe Strongman Show” podcast, and a State Representative for United States Strongman in Illinois. You can find Mike on Instagram at: @big_mike_strength_coach and you can watch “The Average Joe Strongman Show” on the Warpath Strength channel on https://www.youtube.com/@warpathstrength6209.
    1h 5m 6s
  • EP 197 - Health at Every Size w/Jeff Ash

    19 MAR. 2024 · HAES Principles - https://asdah.org/health-at-every-size-haes-approach/   We are joined with Jeff Ash to discuss this movement/group. We aren't saying that Jeff Ash is a part of or actively participates in this movement as you'll hear in the podcast as he spends most of his time in the Intuitive Eating world which is different from HAES but Jeff was more than willing to discuss this movement and give us insight into who they are and what they hold to. Connect with Jeff below: Website: https://hopedrivesme.com Equipped to Thrive course and men's community: https://hopedrivesme.com/equipped-to-thrive Quick overview of the 10 principles for guys: https://hopedrivesme.com/overview-of-intuitive-eating/ How to Talk to Your Spouse About Your IE Journey: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/rBaU7B4Yhxb
    1h 47m 26s
  • EP 196 - Greg Popejoy

    17 FEB. 2024 · We are joined with retired Marine, coach, and athlete in both powerlifting and strongman Greg Popejoy as he talks about his journey from the Marines to competing and eventually coaching in strength sports. 
    1h 38m 15s
  • EP 195 - E2M with Dawain Atkinson

    30 ENE. 2024 · We are joined with E2M's (https://e2mfitness.com/) Director of Communications and training for his first natural bodybuilding show, Dawain Atkinson. Dawain has created a number of things including the Biblical and Reformed podcast network (https://www.facebook.com/thebarpodcastnet) among many other things. 
    1h 30s
  • EP 194 - Intuitive Eating with Jeff Ash

    15 NOV. 2023 · We are interviewing Jeff Ash again, director of Hope Drives Me, a software developer, coach, nutritionist, and host of the podcast Men's Intuition to discuss the topic Intuitive Eating. 
    2h 7m 55s
  • EP 193 - Maturing in the gym and more w/Everett Justin and Dave

    10 OCT. 2023 · What does maturing in the gym mean to you? How have you changed as you've gone from noob to advanced?    - That the biggest dudes typically aren’t the scariest or most intimidating. For the most part they’re the biggest of homies - No pain no gain is only good to an extent...knowing your body and how far to push is more important than keeping up with someone else.In my youth I pushed too hard, injured myself, lost most gains, went back and said "congrats, you're stronger" - Keeping it at 90% consistently is way better than 110% and needing a break or dealing with pain. Been there done that. Spend good amount of time on flexibility, mobility and warming up now. - That you don’t need to go all the way to muscular failure on every set to get great results. What I mean is that you stop 1-2 RIR instead of going all the way to the max on every set. I think you should go all the way to failure on the last set of whatever exercise you’re doing Do you prefer training in a group or alone? Do you feel like you get the same workout when you are chatting it up between sets? Have you ever trained with a partner who kept you on track during the workout where you weren’t resting too much between sets? Do you prefer training alone in a gym setting vs alone in a garage gym setting (Big Z, “I train alone because it is harder”)   Recovery - let's rank each modality - Get A Massage. - Eat Dark-Colored Fruits. - Eat Leafy Greens & Cruciferous Veggies - Foam Rolling - Do Hot/Cold Therapy - Get Extra Zinc - Take Post-Workout Protein - Eat High-Quality Protein At Every Meal. - Active recovery - Non-strenuous aerobic or physical activity, such as walking, swimming, or yoga - Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - Compression garments - Electromyostimulation - Red-light therapy - Sleep - Eating enough - Hydration - BCAAs or Electrolytes - Mobility/stretching  
    1h 19m 9s
  • EP 192 - Amanda Kroeker hits the bodybuilding stage a

    23 SEP. 2023 · Amanda joins Justin Johnson to discuss her last big competition. Amanda is a natural bodybuillder and has now competed twice. We get to hear about all that has transpired in the last year of training and prep for her second show. Can a master's level bodybuilder make significant gains and stay natural? Check it out!
    1h 43m 22s
  • EP 191 - Shiny Happy People Pt 2 w/Everett

    17 JUL. 2023 · Notes about this episode from Dave:  My background in IBLP ATI - attended a SBC church in Texas that was jokingly referred to as a Gothard church by the members and those who knew it. Did Alert Cadets (similar to Trail Life/Boy Scouts) which was a bunch of dads and sons doing Boy Scouts stuff but more Christian than BS. After hearing about Life Focus I applied and was a part of that program when I was 14 and again with Life Focus Advanced when I was 15. Those programs was a sort of juvenile delinquent reform program which included being on work details and working the entire 9 weeks while memorizing the book of James. I was the worst kid of the 20 or so that were there, graduating after my Dad flew in to pick me up (they issued you a LF shirt once you proved yourself). Got thrown into solitary confinement and they did a thing called voice-lockdown, applying the whole “Be still and know that I am God” verse literally for 2 weeks).   After that experience I was invited to Life Focus Advanced. Even though I had nothing great to say about my time at Life Focus I begged my parents to let me go to LF Advanced. Attended that and it was a whole different level of psychological and spiritual twisting and trauma.  Got locked in solitary confinement again for reacting in anger to my LIT.   Attended ALERT when I turned 18 - it was physically the most brutal thing I had ever done. I dropped out of basic training during the 24 hour hike (yeah they hike with full packs on for 24 hours straight with breaks for meals). I went through a remediation program and requested to do the next basic training due to my Dad’s encouragement to not let this beat me. I made it through that basic training and took the EMT/Firefighting track and graduated in 2004.   Finally attended Verity Institute and met my wife there. Got my bachelor degree and made some good friends I’m still in contact today.   So to wrap up - did Alert Cadets from my 11th birthday 1997ish (didn’t mention we attended the national conference in Knoxville in 2000) and ended my time with IBLP/ATI in 2011. Issues with the organization and it’s objectives: - Basic Seminar (their entrance seminar) systematizes everything into prooftexts for how and why you should live and the goal = success (a different type of prosperity gospel) - A very literal reading of prooftexts that can go any which way the leader wants it to go - All law, no gospel - Christianity is behavior modification, period (not being hyperbolic) - Confusing sanctification and justification - Predatory nature of the authority - Bill Gothard surrounded himself with young very pretty girls at HQ and seeing he was “God’s Anointed One” few spoke against it and if they did, they were gone - The umbrella of protection - if we live or act a certain way the devil can gain access…also the dad is the mediator between Christ and the mom/kids - The group-mentality - once people get into a herd, whatever that herd values, the members will tend to one up themselves to be the most excellent/extreme - which lead to some very messed up programs and teachings with zero oversight - No hermeneutic in sight - if I think the verse means X…well it does, because I’m the one running the program (doesn’t only apply to Bill Gothard, but to those running other programs as well) - Grace/Gospel tended to sound/smell like antinomianism. Unsure how to handle the concept of Christian liberty and grace.   Issues I’m still dealing with: - I understand where my Dad was coming from. He saw a bunch of dads and sons camping and doing daily devotions around a campfire and was like, “This is what I’m not seeing at my local church with the youth group leader eating goldfish…I want more of this.” Upon jumping in and seeing the basic seminar, without a strong theological background, it kinda made sense on it’s face. Fundamentalist churches were tackling more issues than the basic John 3:16 one. Issues like modesty, male and female relationships, music, daily devotions, how much TV is the right amount, drinking, etc. These check boxes appealed to those who were very analytical/engineering types like my dad. And why not jump in deeper, you’re going from milk to meat right? - I understand the community that he was looking for. IBLP/ATI offered that along with a bunch of shiny happy people who were very respectful, dressed well, and worked very hard. - These things were all very attractive - so how do we “then” live that separates the piles of “filthy rags” that is our personal righteousness but at the same time speaks to many verses in the Bible that seems to indicate that sanctification takes work (John 14:15, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”) Is fruit inspection biblical or is it just measuring one’s sanctification against another? - I tend to find myself spiraling into an obnoxious Reformed Pub person - is it a sin to do BLANK? But let’s dig in a bit - Is it a sin to have standards for your family and how they live and have expectations for them to make certain choices and if they don’t, to be disappointed in them, seeking to restore them - Is it a sin to read the Bible daily? Is it a sin to read it once a week? Is it a sin to get so habitual with Bible reading that you start to worry if you miss a day here or there? - Music - can listening to certain music be sinful - Language - are naughty words sinful - What does it mean to keep the Sabbath holy? Can you sin doing that? Where’s the line - What keeps us from turning into easy believe-ism nominal Christians? Shouldn’t we have some sort of safeguards to keep us a peculiar people? Shouldn’t we work to not be like the culture? - How do reformed people deal with legalism? Are there legalistic reformed peeps or is this more a fundy thing within IFB/SBC circles? - Why is Michael Horton so dang sexy?   A big error in the IBLP/ATI environment was the basic seminar was ALL about me being successful and what I needed to do to attain that. It’s me centered, and I probably could not do enough. My righteousness had to exceed Bill Gothard’s who fasted 40 days at a time and was single to serve God.  
    1h 20m 43s
  • EP 190 - Shiny Happy People part 1 w/Dave and Christa

    7 JUL. 2023 · This is a different kind of episode. This is an intimate look two adults who grew up in the IBLP/ATI culture and served in various capacities within the organization from 1999-2011, eventually meeting in 2011 at Verity Institute (the college ministry within IBLP) and getting married in 2013. This is not an endorsement of Shiny Happy People (the documentary on Amazon Prime) or an endorsement of IBLP/ATI. 
    1h 23m 14s
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