• Soaring Above History: The Great Wall Adventure on a Floating Bus

    14 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Soaring Above History: The Great Wall Adventure on a Floating Bus Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/soaring-above-history-the-great-wall-adventure-on-a-floating-bus/ Story Transcript: Zh: 这是一个阳光明媚的早晨,天空蓝得像海水一样。 En: It was a sunny morning, and the sky was as blue as the sea. Zh: 小明、丽丽和张伟决定一起去长城玩。 En: Xiaoming, Lili, and Zhang Wei decided to visit the Great Wall together. Zh: 他们听说有一种新奇的悬浮巴士,可以带人们游览。 En: They had heard about a novel floating bus that could take people on a tour. Zh: 他们到了长城入口,看到了悬浮巴士。 En: When they arrived at the entrance of the Great Wall, they saw the floating bus. Zh: 这辆巴士没有轮子,漂浮在空中。 En: This bus had no wheels and floated in the air. Zh: 巴士司机笑着说:“欢迎乘坐悬浮巴士,请大家做好准备!” En: The bus driver smiled and said, "Welcome to the floating bus, everyone please get ready!" Zh: 小明、丽丽和张伟兴奋地上了巴士,找了个靠窗的位置。 En: Xiaoming, Lili, and Zhang Wei excitedly boarded the bus and found a seat by the window. Zh: 巴士启动了,慢慢升高, En: The bus started and slowly rose up. Zh: 大家都能看到长城的全景。 En: Everyone could see a panoramic view of the Great Wall. Zh: 长城就像一条长蛇,蜿蜒穿过山脉。 En: It looked like a long snake winding through the mountains. Zh: 丽丽指着远处的山说:“你们看,那里的山峰好高,好美!” En: Pointing to the distant mountains, Lili said, "Look, those peaks are so high and beautiful!" Zh: 张伟拍着胸口笑道:“哈哈,我感觉自己在飞呢!” En: Zhang Wei patted his chest and laughed, "Haha, I feel like I'm flying!" Zh: 悬浮巴士带着他们飞过了一段又一段的长城。 En: The floating bus took them over stretches of the Great Wall. Zh: 他们看到很多游客在爬长城,有的累得坐在台阶上休息,有的拿着相机拍照。 En: They saw many tourists climbing the Wall; some were so tired that they rested on the steps, while others were taking pictures with their cameras. Zh: 巴士司机说:“长城有两千多年的历史,是世界上最伟大的建筑之一。” En: The bus driver said, "The Great Wall has a history of over two thousand years and is one of the greatest architectural marvels in the world." Zh: 突然,巴士停了下来。 En: Suddenly, the bus stopped. Zh: 小明惊讶地问:“怎么了?” En: Xiaoming asked in surprise, "What happened?" Zh: 司机微笑着说:“前面就是最著名的八达岭长城, En: The driver smiled and said, "Up ahead is the most famous part of the Great Wall, Badaling. Zh: 大家可以下车拍照。” En: Everyone can get off to take pictures." Zh: 小明、丽丽和张伟兴冲冲地下了巴士。 En: Xiaoming, Lili, and Zhang Wei eagerly got off the bus. Zh: 他们站在长城上,望着远处的风景,感觉自己像站在时间的长河中。 En: Standing on the Great Wall, looking at the distant scenery, they felt as if they were standing in the river of time. Zh: 丽丽拿出相机,拍下了很多漂亮的照片。 En: Lili took out her camera and snapped many beautiful photos. Zh: “这真是一次难忘的旅程。” 小明感叹道。 En: "This has truly been an unforgettable journey," Xiaoming exclaimed. Zh: 张伟点头同意:“是啊,我们不仅看到了长城, En: Zhang Wei nodded in agreement, "Yeah, we not only saw the Great Wall but also experienced the floating bus. Zh: 还体验了悬浮巴士。真是太棒了!” En: It was amazing!" Zh: 时间飞快,太阳渐渐下山了。 En: Time flew by, and the sun gradually began to set. Zh: 他们依依不舍地乘坐悬浮巴士回到入口。 En: Reluctantly, they took the floating bus back to the entrance. Zh: 小明、丽丽和张伟微笑着说:“再见,长城。 En: Smiling, Xiaoming, Lili, and Zhang Wei said, "Goodbye, Great Wall. Zh: 我们一定还会再来的!” En: We will definitely come back again!" Zh: 于是,他们带着满满的回忆和笑容,踏上了回家的路。 En: So, with full hearts and smiles, they started their journey home. Zh: 这个美好的一天,永远留在了他们的心中。 En: This beautiful day would forever remain in their hearts. Vocabulary Words: - sunny: 阳光明媚 - entrance: 入口 - wheels: 轮子 - floated: 漂浮 - panoramic: 全景 - winding: 蜿蜒 - peaks: 山峰 - mountains: 山脉 - chest: 胸口 - tourists: 游客 - climbing: 爬 - architecture: 建筑 - marvels: 奇迹 - famous: 著名 - eagerly: 兴冲冲 - scenery: 风景 - snapped: 拍下 - unforgettable: 难忘 - journey: 旅程 - experienced: 体验 - amazing: 太棒了 - reluctantly: 依依不舍 - gradually: 渐渐 - set: 下山 - memories: 回忆 - smiles: 笑容 - remained: 留在 - decided: 决定 - together: 一起 - distant: 远处
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  • Secrets of West Lake: Uncovering the Sunken Ship

    13 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Secrets of West Lake: Uncovering the Sunken Ship Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/secrets-of-west-lake-uncovering-the-sunken-ship/ Story Transcript: Zh: 在西湖的一个大雨夜,王伟、李娜和张鹏决定去散步。 En: On a rainy night at West Lake, Wang Wei, Li Na, and Zhang Peng decided to go for a walk. Zh: 他们很喜欢雨夜的宁静,特别是西湖这样的美丽地方。 En: They cherished the tranquility of rainy nights, especially in such a beautiful place like West Lake. Zh: 走着走着,王伟突然看见湖中有闪光的东西。 En: As they walked, Wang Wei suddenly noticed something flashing in the lake. Zh: 他叫道:“快看,那里有光!” En: He shouted, "Look, there's a light over there!" Zh: 李娜和张鹏也看见了。 En: Li Na and Zhang Peng saw it too. Zh: 他们小心地走近。发现那是一艘古代沉船,部分露出水面。 En: They cautiously approached and discovered that it was an ancient sunken ship, partially exposed above the water. Zh: 李娜惊讶地说:“这一定是很古老的船。” En: Li Na exclaimed in surprise, "This must be a very old ship!" Zh: 张鹏点点头:“也许是被风暴带到这里的。” En: Zhang Peng nodded, "Maybe it was brought here by a storm." Zh: 他们仔细观察,发现船上有个古老的箱子。 En: Upon closer inspection, they found an old chest on the ship. Zh: 王伟费力地打开箱子,里面有一本旧书和一些奇怪的饰品。 En: Wang Wei struggled to open it, revealing an old book and some peculiar ornaments inside. Zh: 李娜拿起那本旧书,翻开第一页,上面写着:“李家秘史。” En: Li Na picked up the old book and opened the first page, which read, "The Secret History of the Li Family." Zh: 王伟惊讶地说:“难道这船是李家祖先的?” En: Wang Wei exclaimed in astonishment, "Could this ship belong to Li Na's ancestors?" Zh: 李娜读了几页书,上面写满了李家祖先的故事,和一个被遗忘的宝藏位置。 En: Li Na read a few pages of the book, which were filled with stories about her ancestors and the location of a forgotten treasure. Zh: 张鹏兴奋地说:“我们找到这个宝藏多好!” En: Zhang Peng excitedly said, "How great it would be if we found this treasure!" Zh: 然而,李娜却犹豫了。她说:“这个宝藏属于李家, En: However, Li Na hesitated and said, "This treasure belongs to the Li family. Zh: 我们不能私自占有。” En: We can't take it for ourselves." Zh: 王伟和张鹏都同意了李娜的观点。 En: Wang Wei and Zhang Peng agreed with Li Na's view. Zh: 于是,他们决定把发现沉船的事告诉当地博物馆。 En: So, they decided to inform the local museum about the discovery of the sunken ship. Zh: 博物馆的人来了后,十分感激他们的诚实,并且承诺会好好保存这些历史遗物。 En: When the museum staff arrived, they were very grateful for their honesty and promised to preserve these historical artifacts properly. Zh: 几天后,李娜收到了一封信,是博物馆寄来的。 En: A few days later, Li Na received a letter from the museum. Zh: 信上说,博物馆决定为李家建立一个特别展览,以表彰李家对城市历史的贡献。 En: The letter stated that the museum had decided to set up a special exhibition in honor of the Li family for their contribution to the city’s history. Zh: 王伟、李娜和张鹏看着西湖,心中充满了成就感。 En: Wang Wei, Li Na, and Zhang Peng looked at West Lake, their hearts filled with a sense of accomplishment. Zh: 他们知道,他们不仅发现了一个古老的秘密,更是保护了宝贵的历史。 En: They knew that they had not only uncovered an ancient secret but also safeguarded a precious piece of history. Zh: 在美丽的西湖边,他们的友情更加深厚了。 En: By the beautiful West Lake, their friendship grew even deeper. Zh: 大雨渐渐停了,而西湖的故事却刚刚展开。 En: The heavy rain gradually stopped, but the story of West Lake was just beginning. Vocabulary Words: - cherished: 喜欢 - tranquility: 宁静 - flashing: 闪光 - approached: 走近 - sunken: 沉 - exposed: 露出 - storm: 风暴 - inspection: 观察 - struggled: 费力 - revealing: 发现 - peculiar: 奇怪 - ornaments: 饰品 - exclaimed: 惊讶 - ancestor: 祖先 - astonishment: 惊讶 - treasure: 宝藏 - hesitated: 犹豫 - informed: 告诉 - discovery: 发现 - museum: 博物馆 - staff: 工作人员 - grateful: 感激 - historical: 历史 - exhibition: 展览 - contribution: 贡献 - accomplishment: 成就感 - safeguarded: 保护 - precious: 宝贵 - artifacts: 遗物 - gradually: 渐渐
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  • Spring Adventures: Great Wall Climb & New Friendships

    12 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Spring Adventures: Great Wall Climb & New Friendships Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/spring-adventures-great-wall-climb-new-friendships/ Story Transcript: Zh: 春天来了,花儿开了,天气很暖和。 En: Spring has arrived, the flowers have bloomed, and the weather is very warm. Zh: 这一天,小明、丽丽和强强决定去长城春游。 En: On this day, Xiao Ming, Lili, and Qiangqiang decided to go on a spring outing to the Great Wall. Zh: 他们早上七点出发。 En: They set off at seven in the morning. Zh: 他们坐上公交车,两个小时后,他们到达了长城。 En: They got on a bus, and two hours later, they arrived at the Great Wall. Zh: 长城很长,很高。 En: The Great Wall is very long and very high. Zh: 远处可以看到青山,还有蓝蓝的天。 En: In the distance, they could see green mountains and a blue sky. Zh: “我们爬长城吧!”小明说。 En: "Let's climb the Great Wall!" Xiao Ming said. Zh: 丽丽和强强点了点头。 En: Lili and Qiangqiang nodded. Zh: 他们开始爬长城。 En: They began to climb the Great Wall. Zh: 长城很陡,台阶很多。 En: The Great Wall is very steep, with many steps. Zh: 爬了一会儿,丽丽有点累了。 En: After climbing for a while, Lili felt a bit tired. Zh: 她说:“我们休息一下吧。” En: She said, "Let's take a break." Zh: 小明和强强同意。 En: Xiao Ming and Qiangqiang agreed. Zh: 他们坐下来,喝了一点水,吃了一些零食。 En: They sat down, drank some water, and ate some snacks. Zh: “这里的风景真美!”丽丽感叹。 En: "The scenery here is so beautiful!" Lili exclaimed. Zh: 小明和强强也觉得这里很美。 En: Xiao Ming and Qiangqiang also thought it was beautiful. Zh: 他们开始拍照,留下美好的记忆。 En: They started taking pictures, capturing the beautiful memories. Zh: 休息完毕,他们继续爬。 En: After resting, they continued to climb. Zh: 越来越高,风景越来越好。 En: The higher they went, the better the scenery became. Zh: 阳光照在长城上,他们的影子被拉得很长。 En: The sunlight shone on the Great Wall, elongating their shadows. Zh: 突然,强强看到远处有一只小鸟。 En: Suddenly, Qiangqiang saw a little bird in the distance. Zh: 这只小鸟的羽毛很漂亮。 En: The bird's feathers were very beautiful. Zh: 强强想拍一张照片,但不小心脚滑了一下。 En: Qiangqiang wanted to take a photo, but he accidentally slipped. Zh: 小明立刻拉住了强强的手。 En: Xiao Ming immediately grabbed Qiangqiang's hand. Zh: “小心啊!强强。”小明说。 En: "Be careful, Qiangqiang," Xiao Ming said. Zh: “谢谢你,小明。”强强感激地说。 En: "Thank you, Xiao Ming," Qiangqiang said gratefully. Zh: 他们继续爬,很快,他们到达了一个烽火台。 En: They continued climbing, and soon, they reached a beacon tower. Zh: 站在烽火台上,他们可以看到整个长城。 En: Standing on the beacon tower, they could see the entire Great Wall. Zh: 这里风景壮丽,让人心旷神怡。 En: The scenery here was magnificent, making them feel refreshed and delighted. Zh: 他们三个站在一起,开心地大笑,留下了照片,也留下了美好的回忆。 En: The three of them stood together, laughing joyfully, capturing photos and creating wonderful memories. Zh: 时间过得很快,太阳开始下山了。 En: Time passed quickly, and the sun began to set. Zh: “我们该回去了,”丽丽说。 En: "We should head back," Lili said. Zh: 小明和强强点头同意。 En: Xiao Ming and Qiangqiang nodded in agreement. Zh: 他们依依不舍地离开了长城。 En: Reluctantly, they left the Great Wall. Zh: 回家的路上,大家都有些累,但心里很开心。 En: On the way home, everyone was a bit tired, but they were very happy in their hearts. Zh: 他们谈论着今天的冒险,计划着下一次的春游。 En: They talked about today's adventure, planning the next spring outing. Zh: 这一天,长城见证了他们的友谊和快乐。 En: On this day, the Great Wall witnessed their friendship and happiness. Zh: 故事的结尾,小明、丽丽和强强回到了家。 En: At the end of the story, Xiao Ming, Lili, and Qiangqiang returned home. Zh: 他们虽然累了,但心里很满足。 En: Although they were tired, they felt very content. Zh: 今天,他们不仅爬了长城,还收获了深厚的友谊。 En: Today, they not only climbed the Great Wall but also built a deep friendship. Zh: 春游结束了,但他们的友谊才刚刚开始。 En: The spring outing ended, but their friendship was just beginning. Zh: 这个春天,是他们永远不会忘记的美好回忆。 En: This spring is a beautiful memory they will never forget. Vocabulary Words: - spring: 春天 - arrived: 来了 - climb: 爬 - steep: 陡 - steps: 台阶 - scenery: 风景 - shadows: 影子 - suddenly: 突然 - beautiful: 漂亮 - photo: 照片 - slipped: 滑 - beacon tower: 烽火台 - magnificent: 壮丽 - refreshed: 心旷神怡 - delighted: 开心 - friendship: 友谊 - content: 满足 - memories: 记忆 - bloomed: 开了 - decided: 决定 - outing: 春游 - green mountains: 青山 - break: 休息 - resting: 休息完毕 - higher: 越来越高 - sunlight: 阳光 - feathers: 羽毛 - gratefully: 感激地 - witnessed: 见证 - adventure: 冒险
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  • A Serendipitous Switch: Walks, Phones, and Friendship in Beijing

    11 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: A Serendipitous Switch: Walks, Phones, and Friendship in Beijing Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/a-serendipitous-switch-walks-phones-and-friendship-in-beijing/ Story Transcript: Zh: 北京的秋天,天高气爽。 En: Autumn in Beijing is known for its clear skies and pleasant weather. Zh: 小明和丽丽约好去天坛公园散步。 En: Xiao Ming and Lili had planned to take a walk in the Temple of Heaven Park. Zh: 他们一早来到公园,阳光透过树叶洒在他们身上,十分温暖。 En: Early in the morning, they arrived at the park, where the sunlight filtered through the leaves, bathing them in warmth. Zh: 小明和丽丽边走边聊,聊得很开心。 En: Xiao Ming and Lili walked and chatted, enjoying their conversation. Zh: 过了一会儿,小明说:“我要拍几张照片。” En: After a while, Xiao Ming said, "I want to take some photos." Zh: 他从包里拿出手机,开始拍天坛美丽的景色。 En: He pulled out his phone from his bag and started capturing the beautiful scenery of the Temple of Heaven. Zh: 丽丽也拿出手机,拍了很多照片。 En: Lili also took out her phone and snapped many pictures. Zh: 他们走啊走,到了祈年殿前。 En: They walked and walked until they reached the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. Zh: 小明说:“我们在这里休息一下吧。” En: Xiao Ming suggested, "Let's rest here for a bit." Zh: 于是,两人坐在长凳上,继续聊天。 En: So, they sat on a bench and continued chatting. Zh: 这时候,小明不小心把手机掉在地上, En: At that moment, Xiao Ming accidentally dropped his phone. Zh: 他捡起来看了看,以为没什么问题。 En: He picked it up, glanced at it, and thought it seemed fine. Zh: “我该看看时间了,”小明拿起手机,发现上面有很多未读信息。 En: "I should check the time," Xiao Ming said as he picked up his phone, only to find a lot of unread messages. Zh: 他感到奇怪,便打开一条看了看,发现信息内容是丽丽的朋友发来的。 En: Feeling puzzled, he opened one and discovered it was sent by Lili's friend. Zh: 小明这才意识到,他可能拿错了手机。 En: Only then did Xiao Ming realize he might have taken the wrong phone. Zh: 于是,他用手机给丽丽发了一条短信:“你在哪里?”希望丽丽能看到。 En: He used the phone to send Lili a message: "Where are you?" hoping she would see it. Zh: 丽丽这时正好在看景拍照,突然手机响了。 En: Lili was busy enjoying the scenery and taking photos when her phone suddenly chimed. Zh: 她一看短信,觉得很奇怪:为什么小明会用自己的手机给自己发信息呢? En: She looked at the message and felt puzzled: why would Xiao Ming use her phone to text her? Zh: 仔细一想,她明白了,一定是手机拿错了。 En: After a moment of thought, she realized they must have switched phones by mistake. Zh: 丽丽笑着对小明说:“小明,你有点糊涂啊,这是我的手机。” En: Lili laughed and said to Xiao Ming, "Xiao Ming, you’re a bit absent-minded. This is my phone." Zh: 她拿出包里的手机递给小明。 En: She took the phone from her bag and handed it to him. Zh: 小明一看,果然是自己的手机。 En: Xiao Ming looked at it and indeed, it was his phone. Zh: 他不好意思地挠挠头,说:“对不起,刚才掉在地上捡起来看也没注意。” En: Scratching his head in embarrassment, he said, "Sorry, I didn’t notice when I picked it up earlier." Zh: 丽丽笑了笑:“没关系,你以后小心一点就好了。” En: Lili smiled and said, "It’s okay, just be more careful next time." Zh: 他们互换了手机,然后一起继续在公园里散步。 En: They exchanged phones and continued their walk in the park. Zh: 天坛公园的景色依然美丽,辽阔的天空,蓝蓝的白云。 En: The scenery in the Temple of Heaven Park remained beautiful, with vast skies and blue clouds. Zh: 小明和丽丽边走边聊,虽然经历了这样一个小插曲,但他们的心情依旧愉快。 En: Xiao Ming and Lili walked and talked, their spirits undampened by the little mishap. Zh: 太阳渐渐落山,他们也准备回家了。 En: As the sun gradually set, they prepared to head home. Zh: 回家的路上,小明有点不好意思地说:“今天真是很糗啊。” En: On the way back, Xiao Ming bashfully remarked, "Today was really embarrassing." Zh: 丽丽轻轻一笑:“别在意,这只是一个小插曲而已。我们以后会有更多有趣的回忆。” En: With a gentle smile, Lili said, "Don’t worry, it's just a small incident. We’ll have more interesting memories in the future." Zh: 天坛公园的树叶在夕阳下闪着金光,两人的笑声在空气中回荡。 En: The leaves in the Temple of Heaven Park glistened with a golden hue under the setting sun, and their laughter echoed in the air. Zh: 虽然手机拿错了,但这次经历反而让他们互相了解更多,也更加珍惜彼此的友谊。 En: Though they had mixed up their phones, this experience brought them closer and made them cherish their friendship even more. Vocabulary Words: - autumn: 秋天 - clear skies: 天高气爽 - pleasant: 温暖 - arrived: 来到 - sunlight: 阳光 - filtered: 透过 - leaves: 树叶 - bathed: 洒在 - warmth: 温暖 - walked: 散步 - chatted: 聊天 - capturing: 拍 - scenery: 景色 - bench: 长凳 - dropped: 掉在 - messages: 信息 - glanced: 看了看 - puzzled: 感到奇怪 - laughed: 笑了笑 - absent-minded: 糊涂 - embarrassed: 不好意思 - careful: 小心 - mishap: 小插曲 - spirits: 心情 - dampened: 影响 - cherish: 珍惜 - friendship: 友谊 - glistened: 闪着 - laughter: 笑声 - incident: 事件
    14m 54s
  • A Festive Shopping Spree: Friends Prepare for Chinese New Year

    10 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: A Festive Shopping Spree: Friends Prepare for Chinese New Year Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/a-festive-shopping-spree-friends-prepare-for-chinese-new-year/ Story Transcript: Zh: 北京的冬天,寒风凛冽,但王府井大街灯火通明。 En: In Beijing, the winter winds were biting cold, but Wangfujing Street was brightly lit. Zh: 人群熙熙攘攘,这是春节前夕的节奏。 En: The bustling crowd marked the pace of the approaching Chinese New Year. Zh: 小明、丽丽和建国决定去商场购物,为春节做准备。 En: Xiao Ming, Lili, and Jianguo decided to go shopping at the mall to prepare for the holiday. Zh: 走进商场,眼前的景象让他们惊叹不已。 En: As they walked into the mall, the sight in front of them was astonishing. Zh: 五彩缤纷的装饰,红彤彤的灯笼,琳琅满目的年货,充满了节日的气息。 En: The vibrant decorations, the bright red lanterns, and the abundance of New Year goods filled the place with a festive atmosphere. Zh: “小明,我们先去看衣服吧!”丽丽兴奋地拉着小明的手。 En: “Xiao Ming, let’s go look at clothes first!” Lili excitedly pulled Xiao Ming's hand. Zh: 建国在旁边点头附和。 En: Jianguo nodded in agreement beside them. Zh: 他们来到服装区,商场里的新年服饰特别多。 En: They arrived at the clothing section, which was full of New Year attire. Zh: 红色的毛衣,喜庆的唐装,还有各种各样的围巾和帽子。 En: Red sweaters, festive Tang suits, as well as all kinds of scarves and hats. Zh: 丽丽试了一件红色大衣,非常漂亮。 En: Lili tried on a red coat, which looked very beautiful. Zh: 小明和建国连声夸奖:“丽丽,这件衣服很适合你!” En: Xiao Ming and Jianguo praised her repeatedly, saying, "Lili, this coat suits you very well!" Zh: 买完衣服,他们又来到食品区。 En: After buying clothes, they went to the food section. Zh: 年货食品是过年的必备品。 En: New Year's foods are essential for the holiday. Zh: 建国看到自己喜欢的糖果,立刻拿了一大袋。 En: Jianguo saw his favorite candies and immediately grabbed a big bag. Zh: 小明选了一个大礼包,里面有各种坚果和零食。 En: Xiao Ming picked a large gift pack that included various nuts and snacks. Zh: 丽丽则挑选了几盒精美的点心。 En: Lili selected several boxes of exquisite pastries. Zh: 接着,他们来到礼品区。 En: Next, they headed to the gift section. Zh: 准备一些小礼物送给亲友是春节的传统。 En: Preparing small gifts for friends and family is a New Year’s tradition. Zh: 小明挑了几对红色的福字剪纸,建国选了几套精美的茶具。丽丽则买了一些新年贺卡。 En: Xiao Ming chose a few pairs of red paper-cut characters for good luck, Jianguo picked some exquisite tea sets, and Lili bought some New Year’s greeting cards. Zh: 一圈逛下来,小明、丽丽和建国的手里都提满了东西。 En: After making a complete round, Xiao Ming, Lili, and Jianguo’s hands were full of items. Zh: 他们来到商场外,呼吸了一口新鲜的空气,满心欢喜。 En: They stepped outside the mall, took a breath of fresh air, and felt immensely joyful. Zh: “小明,丽丽,今天真开心!”建国看着手中的战利品,笑容满面。 En: "Xiao Ming, Lili, today was really fun!" Jianguo looked at the haul in his hands, beaming with smiles. Zh: 丽丽点头:“是啊,今天买到了好多东西,家里人一定会很高兴!” En: Lili nodded, "Indeed, we bought so many things today. Our families will surely be very happy!" Zh: 小明也开心地说:“还买了礼物,春节一定会很热闹!” En: Xiao Ming added happily, "And we got gifts too, the New Year will surely be lively!" Zh: 他们三人带着满满的收获,走在回家的路上。 En: With their bags full of purchases, they walked home. Zh: 尽管寒风依旧,但心却是暖的,充满了对新年开始的期待。 En: Despite the persistent cold wind, their hearts were warm, filled with anticipation for the New Year. Zh: 故事到此结束,三个朋友为春节做准备的旅程也落下了帷幕。 En: The story ends here, marking the conclusion of the friends’ shopping trip in preparation for the New Year. Zh: 他们的友情在这次购物中更加深厚,新年的欢乐也已经在心中悄悄发芽。 En: Their friendship grew deeper through this shopping experience, and the joy of the New Year had already quietly taken root in their hearts. Vocabulary Words: - biting: 凛冽 - bustling: 熙熙攘攘 - astonishing: 惊叹不已 - vibrant: 五彩缤纷 - abundance: 琳琅满目 - atmosphere: 气息 - attire: 服饰 - praise: 夸奖 - immediately: 立刻 - exquisite: 精美 - prepare: 准备 - festive: 喜庆 - lanterns: 灯笼 - nut: 坚果 - scarf: 围巾 - traditional: 传统 - gift pack: 大礼包 - anticipated: 期待 - friendship: 友情 - marked: 落下了帷幕 - prepared: 做准备 - genre: 类型 - eagerly: 兴奋地 - section: 区域 - celebration: 庆祝 - potent: 有力的 - purchasing: 购买的 - migration: 迁移 - decorations: 装饰 - characters: 剪纸
    14m 4s
  • A Family's Unforgettable Spring Day by the Scenic West Lake

    9 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: A Family's Unforgettable Spring Day by the Scenic West Lake Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/a-familys-unforgettable-spring-day-by-the-scenic-west-lake/ Story Transcript: Zh: 在一个温暖的春天周末,太阳高高挂在西湖的天空上,天空湛蓝如洗。 En: On a warm spring weekend, the sun hung high above West Lake, the sky was as blue as could be. Zh: 西湖边的柳树抽出了新芽,湖水清澈见底。 En: The willow trees around West Lake sprouted new buds, and the water was clear and transparent. Zh: 李明和妻子刘娜,以及儿子张伟,一起决定去西湖郊游。 En: Li Ming, his wife Liu Na, and their son Zhang Wei decided to go for a picnic at West Lake. Zh: 李明开着车,他们一路欢声笑语。 En: Li Ming drove the car, and they laughed and chatted along the way. Zh: 不一会儿,就到了西湖。 En: Soon, they arrived at West Lake. Zh: 他们找了个树下的凉亭,铺上毯子,放下食物。 En: They found a gazebo under a tree, laid out a blanket, and set down their food. Zh: 春风拂面,令人心旷神怡。 En: The spring breeze brushed their faces, making them feel refreshed and joyful. Zh: “小伟,来看这里!”刘娜指着湖面说,“这里有好多漂亮的小船。” En: "Xiaowei, look over here!" Liu Na pointed to the lake, "There are so many beautiful little boats here." Zh: “妈妈,我可以坐船吗?”张伟兴奋地问。 En: "Mom, can I take a boat ride?" Zhang Wei asked excitedly. Zh: 当然可以,李明和刘娜带着张伟去了租船的地方。 En: Of course, Li Ming and Liu Na took Zhang Wei to the boat rental place. Zh: 他们租了一艘小船,李明小心翼翼地划开船。 En: They rented a small boat, and Li Ming carefully rowed away from the shore. Zh: 张伟兴奋地拿起小网子,准备打捞湖里的鱼。 En: Zhang Wei excitedly picked up a small net, ready to scoop fish from the lake. Zh: 小船行驶在湖面上,泛起层层涟漪。 En: The boat moved across the water, creating ripples. Zh: “小伟,你看那边有很多鸳鸯。”刘娜指着不远处说。 En: "Xiaowei, look over there, there are many mandarin ducks," Liu Na pointed to a spot not far away. Zh: “真的!好漂亮!”张伟欢呼道。 En: "Really! So beautiful!" Zhang Wei exclaimed in delight. Zh: 他们在湖上划了一会儿船,享受了美丽的景色。 En: They rowed the boat on the lake for a while, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Zh: 然后,他们回到湖边,准备野餐。 En: Then, they returned to the shore and prepared for their picnic. Zh: 李明打开了餐篮,里面有三明治,水果和果汁。 En: Li Ming opened the picnic basket, which contained sandwiches, fruits, and juice. Zh: 张伟尤其喜欢妈妈做的草莓三明治。 En: Zhang Wei particularly enjoyed the strawberry sandwich made by his mother. Zh: 吃过野餐后,他们决定去湖边散步。 En: After the picnic, they decided to take a walk by the lake. Zh: 沿着湖边的小道,三个人边走边聊。 En: Along the lakeside path, the three of them walked and chatted. Zh: 李明讲了很多关于西湖的故事,有传说中的白蛇传,也有历史人物的故事。 En: Li Ming told many stories about West Lake, including the legendary tale of "The Legend of the White Snake" and historical figures' stories. Zh: 张伟听得入迷,不时提出一些问题。 En: Zhang Wei listened intently, occasionally asking questions. Zh: 突然,张伟看到前方有一处花坛,里面种满了五彩缤纷的花朵。 En: Suddenly, Zhang Wei saw a flower bed ahead, filled with colorful flowers. Zh: 他奔跑过去,停在一朵黄色的大花前,开心地说:“爸爸,妈妈,这花真漂亮!” En: He ran over and stopped in front of a large yellow flower, happily saying, "Dad, Mom, this flower is so beautiful!" Zh: 李明和刘娜走过去,看着张伟开心的样子,也不由得露出了微笑。 En: Li Ming and Liu Na walked over, looking at Zhang Wei’s happy face, and couldn't help but smile. Zh: 刘娜温柔地摸了摸儿子的头,说:“是啊,西湖的花真美。” En: Liu Na gently patted her son’s head and said, “Yes, the flowers at West Lake are truly beautiful.” Zh: 不远处传来了欢快的音乐声。 En: In the distance, joyful music could be heard. Zh: 原来是有一群人在湖边跳舞。 En: It turned out that there was a group of people dancing by the lake. Zh: 李明提议:“我们也去看看吧。” En: Li Ming suggested, "Let's go take a look too." Zh: 三个人于是走过去,融入了欢快的人群中。 En: So, the three of them walked over and joined the cheerful crowd. Zh: 天色渐渐暗了下来,湖边的灯光亮了起来。 En: As the sky gradually darkened, the lights along the lake came on. Zh: 李明、刘娜和张伟依依不舍地准备回家。 En: Li Ming, Liu Na, and Zhang Wei reluctantly prepared to go home. Zh: 他们收拾好东西,上了车。 En: They packed up their things and got into the car. Zh: “今天真是美好的一天。”刘娜坐在车上,轻声说道。 En: "Today was truly a wonderful day," Liu Na said softly as she sat in the car. Zh: “是啊,我学到了好多。”张伟笑着回应。 En: "Yes, I learned so much," Zhang Wei responded with a smile. Zh: 李明也感叹道:“西湖真是个神奇的地方,让我们全家都度过了一个难忘的周末。” En: Li Ming also sighed, "West Lake is truly a magical place; it gave our family an unforgettable weekend." Zh: 车子慢慢驶离西湖,三个人带着一天的美好回忆,满载而归。 En: The car slowly drove away from West Lake, carrying the beautiful memories of the day. Zh: 春天的风温暖地吹过车窗外,仿佛在诉说西湖的美丽故事。 En: The warm spring breeze blew outside the car window, as if telling the beautiful story of West Lake. Vocabulary Words: - warm: 温暖 - weekend: 周末 - sprouted: 抽出 - transparent: 清澈见底 - gazebo: 凉亭 - blanket: 毯子 - breeze: 春风 - refreshed: 心旷神怡 - rowed: 划 - ripples: 涟漪 - mandarin ducks: 鸳鸯 - strawberry: 草莓 - scenery: 景色 - legends: 传说 - historical figures: 历史人物 - bed: 花坛 - path: 小道 - cheerful: 欢快 - remarkable: 神奇 - unforgettable: 难忘 - memories: 回忆 - refreshing: 舒爽 - legendary tale: 传说 - chatted: 欢声笑语 - picnic: 野餐 - boats: 船 - sandwich: 三明治 - juice: 果汁 - dancing: 跳舞 - returned: 回
    16m 32s
  • Family's Journey Through the Forbidden City

    8 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Family's Journey Through the Forbidden City Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/familys-journey-through-the-forbidden-city/ Story Transcript: Zh: 阳光明媚的一天,小明、丽丽和建国准备去故宫参观。 En: On a sunny day, Xiaoming, Lili, and Jianguo are preparing to visit the Forbidden City. Zh: 他们从家里出发,乘坐地铁到天安门广场。 En: They set off from home and take the subway to Tiananmen Square. Zh: 建国是小明和丽丽的爸爸。 En: Jianguo is Xiaoming and Lili's father, and he is a teacher with extensive knowledge of Chinese history. Zh: 他是一位老师,很懂中国历史。 En: As they enter the Forbidden City, Dad says, "The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of ancient China, built during the Ming Dynasty. Zh: 走进故宫,爸爸说:“故宫是中国古代的皇宫,建于明朝。 En: It is full of stories and culture." Zh: 这里有很多故事和文化。 En: Xiaoming curiously looks at the tall red walls and golden rooftops. Zh: ”小明好奇地看着高高的红墙和金色的屋顶。 En: He asks, "Dad, did emperors live here?" Zh: 他问:“爸爸,这里住过皇帝吗? En: Dad nods, "Yes, many emperors lived and worked here." Zh: ”爸爸点点头:“是的,许多皇帝在这里生活和工作。 En: Their first stop is the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Zh: ”他们首先来到太和殿。 En: Lili sees the ornate dragon throne and excitedly asks, "What is this?" Zh: 丽丽看到华丽的龙椅,很开心:“这是什么? En: Dad explains, "This is the emperor's throne, symbolizing power." Zh: ”爸爸解释说:“这是皇帝的宝座,象征着权力。 En: Xiaoming imagines himself sitting on the dragon throne, feeling very majestic. Zh: ”小明想象自己坐在龙椅上,非常威风。 En: Next, they visit the Palace of Heavenly Purity. Zh: 接着,他们来到乾清宫。 En: This is the emperor's sleeping quarters and also the place where daily affairs were handled. Zh: 这里是皇帝的寝宫,也是处理日常事务的地方。 En: Lili exclaims, "This place is huge!" Zh: 丽丽说:“这里真大啊! En: Dad laughs, "The Forbidden City has 9,999 and a half rooms." Zh: ”爸爸笑了:“故宫有九千九百九十九间半房间呢。 En: Suddenly, Xiaoming spots a small bronze object on the ground. Zh: ”突然,小明发现地上有一个小铜器。 En: He picks it up. Zh: 他捡起来,爸爸说:“这是古代的一个小玩具。 En: Dad says, "This is a small toy from ancient times." Zh: ”小明很兴奋,他觉得穿越回古代,自己像个小皇子。 En: Xiaoming is very excited and feels like he has traveled back in time, imagining himself as a little prince. Zh: 最后,他们来到御花园,爸爸讲了很多关于花园设计的故事。 En: Finally, they arrive at the Imperial Garden, where Dad tells many stories about its design. Zh: 丽丽跑在前面,说:“这里真美,我喜欢这个花园! En: Lili runs ahead, saying, "This place is so beautiful, I love this garden!" Zh: ”一天的参观让他们学到了很多。 En: The day's visit taught them a lot. Zh: 走出故宫,爸爸对小明和丽丽说:“今天我们不仅看到了故宫的美景,还了解了更多中国的历史和文化。 En: As they leave the Forbidden City, Dad says to Xiaoming and Lili, "Today, we not only saw the beautiful sights of the Forbidden City but also learned more about Chinese history and culture." Zh: ”丽丽和小明点头,满载而归。 En: Lili and Xiaoming nod, their hearts full. Zh: 回到家,妈妈已经做好了晚饭。 En: When they get home, Mom has already prepared dinner. Zh: 小明和丽丽把今天的故事讲给妈妈听。 En: Xiaoming and Lili share the day's stories with her. Zh: 妈妈笑着说:“明天我们再去别的地方看看吧! En: Mom smiles and says, "Tomorrow, let's go see another place!" Zh: ”这一家人在这个阳光明媚的日子里,不仅度过了美好的时光,还收获了知识和快乐。 En: On this sunny day, the family not only had a wonderful time but also gained knowledge and joy. Zh: 故事结束了,他们期待着更多的探险。 En: The story ends with them looking forward to more adventures. Vocabulary Words: - sunny: 阳光明媚 - preparing: 准备 - subway: 地铁 - extensive: 很懂 - imperial: 古代 - palace: 皇宫 - dynasty: 朝代 - stories: 故事 - culture: 文化 - walls: 墙 - rooftops: 屋顶 - emperors: 皇帝 - ornate: 华丽 - throne: 宝座 - symbolizing: 象征 - majestic: 威风 - quarters: 寝宫 - affairs: 事务 - huge: 大 - bronze: 铜 - object: 器 - toy: 玩具 - traveled back: 穿越 - imagine: 想象 - design: 设计 - sights: 美景 - beautiful: 美 - knowledge: 知识 - share: 讲 - looking forward: 期待
    13m 10s
  • Idyllic Lakeside Adventures: A Family's Fun Picnic at West Lake

    7 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Idyllic Lakeside Adventures: A Family's Fun Picnic at West Lake Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/idyllic-lakeside-adventures-a-familys-fun-picnic-at-west-lake/ Story Transcript: Zh: 阳光灿烂的一天,小明和美丽和他们的家人来到西湖野餐。 En: On a sunny day, Xiaoming and Meili, along with their family, went to West Lake for a picnic. Zh: 西湖很美,有清澈的湖水和满天飞舞的蝴蝶。 En: West Lake was beautiful, with clear lake water and butterflies fluttering everywhere. Zh: 湖的周围有很多绿树,还有柔软的草地。 En: There were many green trees around the lake, and soft grassy areas. Zh: 他们把野餐毯子铺在草地上,开始准备食物。 En: They spread their picnic blanket on the grass and began to prepare the food. Zh: 妈妈拿出了一盒寿司,爸爸带来了一些三明治。 En: Mom took out a box of sushi, and Dad brought some sandwiches. Zh: 小明喜欢吃蛋糕,哥哥给他拿了一块巧克力蛋糕。 En: Xiaoming liked eating cake, so his brother got him a piece of chocolate cake. Zh: 美丽最喜欢喝橙汁,爸爸帮她倒满了杯子。 En: Meili’s favorite drink was orange juice, and Dad filled her cup. Zh: 大家笑着,聊着,感觉很开心。 En: Everyone was smiling, chatting, and feeling very happy. Zh: 小明忽然看见湖边有一只小鸭子。 En: Suddenly, Xiaoming saw a little duck by the lake. Zh: 他跑过去,想和小鸭子玩。 En: He ran over, wanting to play with the duck. Zh: 美丽也跟了过去,小鸭子看起来很友好。 En: Meili followed him; the duck seemed very friendly. Zh: 小鸭子游到湖的另一边,小明和美丽拍着手笑了起来。 En: The duck swam to the other side of the lake, and Xiaoming and Meili clapped their hands and laughed. Zh: 就在这个时候,一只小鸟飞进了他们的野餐区,停在了妈妈的野餐篮子上。 En: At this moment, a small bird flew into their picnic area and perched on Mom's picnic basket. Zh: 小鸟看起来很饿,一直在篮子旁跳来跳去。 En: The bird looked very hungry, hopping around the basket. Zh: 美丽心疼小鸟,决定给它一些食物。 En: Meili felt sorry for the bird and decided to give it some food. Zh: 她拿起一小块饼干放在地上, En: She picked up a small piece of cookie and placed it on the ground. Zh: 小鸟立刻啄了几口,高兴地飞走了。 En: The bird immediately pecked at it and flew away happily. Zh: 时间过得很快,太阳渐渐西沉,天边染上了橙红色。 En: Time flew by, and as the sun set, the sky turned orange-red. Zh: 小明和美丽依依不舍地收拾东西,准备回家。 En: Xiaoming and Meili reluctantly packed up their things and got ready to go home. Zh: 全家人在西湖度过了一天美好的时光,大家都很开心。 En: The whole family had a wonderful day at West Lake, and everyone was very happy. Zh: 回家的路上,小明对美丽说:“今天真开心,我们下次还来西湖野餐,好吗?” En: On the way home, Xiaoming said to Meili, "Today was really fun, let's have another picnic at West Lake next time, okay?" Zh: 美丽笑着点点头,“当然好啊,西湖真美!” En: Meili smiled and nodded, "Of course, West Lake is so beautiful!" Zh: 他们满心期待下一次的湖边野餐。 En: They were all eagerly looking forward to their next lakeside picnic. Zh: 故事就这样结束了,西湖的美好记忆永远留在他们的心中。 En: And so the story ends, with the beautiful memories of West Lake forever in their hearts. Vocabulary Words: - sunny: 阳光灿烂 - fluttering: 飞舞 - soft: 柔软 - blanket: 毯子 - prepare: 准备 - sandwiches: 三明治 - chocolate: 巧克力 - juice: 橙汁 - chatting: 聊 - suddenly: 忽然 - duck: 小鸭子 - friendly: 友好 - clapped: 拍 - perched: 停 - basket: 篮子 - hopping: 跳来跳去 - cookie: 饼干 - pecked: 啄 - sunset: 西沉 - orange-red: 橙红色 - reluctantly: 依依不舍 - memories: 记忆 - eagerly: 满心期待 - picnic: 野餐 - spread: 铺 - wonderful: 美好的 - entire: 全 - happily: 高兴地 - clear: 清澈 - family: 家人
    11m 54s
  • Secrets and Sunsets: An Enchanting Day at the Forbidden City

    6 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Secrets and Sunsets: An Enchanting Day at the Forbidden City Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/secrets-and-sunsets-an-enchanting-day-at-the-forbidden-city/ Story Transcript: Zh: 在一个晴朗的早晨,太阳温暖地洒在故宫的红墙黄瓦上。今天,小明和丽丽来到了这里,他们都非常兴奋。 En: On a bright and sunny morning, the sun warmly shone on the red walls and yellow roofs of the Forbidden City. Today, Xiao Ming and Lili came here, and they were both very excited. Zh: “你喜欢故宫吗?”丽丽问。 En: "Do you like the Forbidden City?" Lili asked. Zh: “喜欢,”小明笑着回答,“我觉得这里很神秘。你呢?” En: "Yes, I do," Xiao Ming replied with a smile. "I think it's very mysterious. How about you?" Zh: “我也喜欢,”丽丽说,“我特别喜欢看这里的古建筑。” En: "I like it too," Lili said. "I especially enjoy looking at the ancient architecture here." Zh: 他们走过一座座宫殿,每一座都那么宏伟。小明看着高大的屋顶,眼中充满了好奇。 En: They walked past numerous palaces, each one so grand. Xiao Ming looked up at the tall roofs, his eyes filled with curiosity. Zh: “你知道吗,”小明说,“这里以前是皇帝住的地方。” En: "Did you know," Xiao Ming said, "this used to be where the emperors lived?" Zh: “嗯,我知道,”丽丽点点头,“小时候,我爸爸妈妈常带我来这里。” En: "Yes, I know," Lili nodded. "When I was little, my parents often brought me here." Zh: 小明继续说道:“我最喜欢这里的太和殿。你呢?” En: Xiao Ming continued, "My favorite spot is the Hall of Supreme Harmony. What about you?" Zh: 丽丽笑了笑,说:“我最喜欢御花园。那里有很多美丽的花和树。” En: Lili smiled and said, "I like the Imperial Garden the most. There are so many beautiful flowers and trees there." Zh: 他们来到御花园,果然,花园里开满了五颜六色的花朵。丽丽指着一棵高大的树,说:“小时候,我常在这棵树下玩。” En: They arrived at the Imperial Garden, which was indeed full of colorful flowers. Lili pointed to a tall tree and said, "When I was a child, I often played under this tree." Zh: 小明看了看,说:“这里真美。我小时候从来没有来过故宫。” En: Xiao Ming looked around and said, "This place is truly beautiful. When I was young, I never got to visit the Forbidden City." Zh: 丽丽有点惊讶:“真的吗?那今天我们一定要好好玩,让你看看这里的每一个角落!” En: Lili was a bit surprised, "Really? Then today we must have a great time exploring every corner of it!" Zh: 他们继续游览,讲述着彼此的故事。小明讲了小时候在乡下的趣事,丽丽讲了她在城市里的生活。 En: They continued their tour, sharing stories with each other. Xiao Ming talked about fun times in the countryside, while Lili shared stories of her life in the city. Zh: 天色渐晚,夕阳染红了整个故宫。小明和丽丽坐在御花园的一张长椅上,看着远处的夕阳。 En: As evening approached, the setting sun bathed the entire Forbidden City in red. Xiao Ming and Lili sat on a bench in the Imperial Garden, gazing at the distant sunset. Zh: “今天真开心,”小明感叹道。 En: "Today was really fun," Xiao Ming sighed. Zh: “是啊,”丽丽微笑着说,“和你一起探索故宫,真是一段美好的回忆。” En: "Yes," Lili smiled, "exploring the Forbidden City with you is a wonderful memory." Zh: “谢谢你和我一起分享这个美好的地方,”小明说。 En: "Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with me," Xiao Ming said. Zh: 丽丽摇摇头,说:“不用谢,这是我们一起的美好时光。” En: Lili shook her head and said, "No need to thank me, these are our happy times together." Zh: 夕阳慢慢下沉,天边渐渐被繁星点亮。小明和丽丽在心中默默许愿,希望他们的友谊像故宫一样,永远坚固、美丽。 En: The sun slowly set, and the sky gradually filled with stars. Xiao Ming and Lili made silent wishes in their hearts, hoping their friendship would be as enduring and beautiful as the Forbidden City. Zh: 他们站起来,准备离开故宫。临走前,丽丽轻声说道:“下一次,我们再来这里吧。” En: They stood up, getting ready to leave the Forbidden City. Before leaving, Lili softly said, "Let's come back here again next time." Zh: 小明笑着说:“好,下次一定还来。” En: Xiao Ming smiled and said, "Sure, let's definitely come again." Zh: 故事在两人的笑声中结束,他们带着满满的回忆,走出故宫。 En: The story ended with their laughter, as they walked out of the Forbidden City filled with cherished memories. Vocabulary Words: - bright: 晴朗的 - excited: 兴奋的 - mysterious: 神秘的 - curious: 好奇的 - numerous: 无数的 - grand: 宏伟的 - especially: 特别 - architecture: 建筑 - emperor: 皇帝 - ancient: 古老的 - imperial: 皇家的 - garden: 花园 - beautiful: 美丽的 - exploring: 探索 - fun: 开心 - memory: 回忆 - garden: 花园 - distant: 远处的 - evening: 天色渐晚 - bathed: 染红 - setting: 夕阳 - wishes: 许愿 - cherished: 宝贵的 - places: 地方 - past: 经过 - filled: 充满 - sharing: 分享 - silent: 默默 - enduring: 坚固 - friendship: 友谊
    14m 23s
  • Morning Magic: Exercise and Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven

    5 JUN. 2024 · Fluent Fiction - Mandarin Chinese: Morning Magic: Exercise and Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven Find the full episode transcript, vocabulary words, and more: https://www.fluentfiction.org/morning-magic-exercise-and-tai-chi-at-the-temple-of-heaven/ Story Transcript: Zh: 天刚破晓,北京天坛公园里弥漫着清晨的清新气息。 En: As the day broke, the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing was filled with the refreshing scent of the morning. Zh: 公园的树叶上还挂着晶莹的露珠。 En: Crystal-clear dewdrops clung to the leaves of the park's trees. Zh: 一阵微风吹过,露珠轻轻滴落,给大地带来一丝凉意。 En: A gentle breeze blew, causing the dewdrops to fall lightly, bringing a touch of coolness to the ground. Zh: 小明一大早就来到了天坛。 En: Early in the morning, Xiao Ming arrived at the Temple of Heaven. Zh: 他喜欢在这里晨练。 En: He enjoyed exercising here. Zh: 天坛的草地很大,空气很清新,小明觉得这里是最好的锻炼场所。 En: With its vast lawns and fresh air, Xiao Ming felt it was the best place for exercise. Zh: 今天,小明约了他的好朋友阿芳一起晨练。 En: Today, Xiao Ming had arranged to do his morning workout with his good friend Ah Fang. Zh: 阿芳也是个晨跑爱好者,他们常常一起运动。 En: Ah Fang was also a morning running enthusiast, and they often exercised together. Zh: 她已经站在公园的入口处,等着小明。 En: She was already standing at the entrance of the park, waiting for Xiao Ming. Zh: “小明,早上好!今天我们跑多少圈?”阿芳笑着问。 En: “Good morning, Xiao Ming! How many laps are we running today?” Ah Fang asked with a smile. Zh: “早上好,阿芳!我们跑五圈吧。 En: “Good morning, Ah Fang! Let’s run five laps. Zh: 听说王叔叔今天也会来,我们等下看见他打个招呼吧。”小明回答。 En: I heard Uncle Wang will be here today as well, so let’s greet him when we see him,” Xiao Ming replied. Zh: 于是,他们开始在公园的大道上慢跑。 En: Thus, they started jogging on the park’s main path. Zh: 天空渐渐亮了起来,金色的阳光洒在他们的脸上,温暖而舒适。 En: The sky gradually brightened, and the golden sunlight shone on their faces, warm and comfortable. Zh: 跑了一圈后,他们在一个小亭子前停下休息。 En: After completing one lap, they stopped to rest in front of a small pavilion. Zh: 突然,看见王叔叔在不远处的草坪上做太极。 En: Suddenly, they saw Uncle Wang practicing Tai Chi on a nearby lawn. Zh: 王叔叔是个退休的老教师,身体非常健康,他常常在天坛练太极拳。 En: Uncle Wang, a retired teacher, was very healthy and often practiced Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven. Zh: “王叔叔,早上好!”小明和阿芳一起喊道。 En: “Good morning, Uncle Wang!” Xiao Ming and Ah Fang called out together. Zh: 王叔叔笑着点点头,说:“早上好,小明,阿芳!今天锻炼得怎么样?” En: Uncle Wang nodded with a smile and said, “Good morning, Xiao Ming, Ah Fang! How’s your workout going today?” Zh: “我们刚跑了一圈,现在休息一下。”阿芳回答。 En: “We’ve just run one lap and are taking a break now,” Ah Fang replied. Zh: “很好,坚持锻炼对身体有好处。 En: “Great, keeping up with exercise is good for your health. Zh: 来,阿芳,小明,我教你们几个简单的太极动作吧。”王叔叔说。 En: Come, Ah Fang, Xiao Ming, I’ll teach you a few simple Tai Chi moves,” Uncle Wang said. Zh: 于是,小明和阿芳跟随着王叔叔学习太极。 En: So, Xiao Ming and Ah Fang followed Uncle Wang to learn Tai Chi. Zh: 王叔叔的动作柔和有力,宛如行云流水。 En: Uncle Wang’s movements were smooth and powerful, as graceful as flowing water. Zh: 小明和阿芳试着模仿, En: Xiao Ming and Ah Fang tried to imitate him. Zh: 虽然动作不太标准,但他们非常努力。 En: Although their movements were not very precise, they put in a lot of effort. Zh: 练了一会儿,小明和阿芳感觉全身变得轻松了许多。 En: After practicing for a while, Xiao Ming and Ah Fang felt much more relaxed. Zh: 王叔叔夸奖他们学得很认真。 En: Uncle Wang praised them for their serious learning. Zh: “小明,阿芳,坚持每天晨练,你们会越来越健康。”王叔叔说道。 En: “Xiao Ming, Ah Fang, keep up with your daily morning exercise, and you'll become healthier and healthier,” Uncle Wang said. Zh: 天坛公园里的晨光越发美丽。 En: The morning light in the Temple of Heaven Park became even more beautiful. Zh: 小明和阿芳不仅锻炼了身体,还学到了太极。 En: Not only did Xiao Ming and Ah Fang get a good workout, but they also learned Tai Chi. Zh: 回家的路上,他们心情愉快,阳光洒在他们的脸上,仿佛预示着美好的一天。 En: On their way home, they felt joyful, with the sunlight shining on their faces, as if heralding a wonderful day ahead. Zh: 这时,天坛公园里开始热闹起来,更多的人加入了晨练的队伍。 En: By this time, the Temple of Heaven Park was getting busier, with more people joining the ranks of morning exercisers. Zh: 一切都显得那么美好,小明和阿芳相约明天再来。 En: Everything seemed so beautiful, and Xiao Ming and Ah Fang agreed to come again the next day. Vocabulary Words: - broke: 破晓 - refreshing: 清新 - scent: 气息 - dewdrops: 露珠 - cling: 挂 - gentle: 轻轻 - breeze: 微风 - coolness: 凉意 - entrance: 入口处 - vows: 锻炼场所 - enthusiast: 爱好者 - laps: 圈 - gradually: 渐渐 - golden: 金色 - sunlight: 阳光 - comfortable: 舒适 - pavilion: 小亭子 - retired: 退休 - precise: 标准 - movements: 动作 - graceful: 宛如 - imitate: 模仿 - effort: 努力 - relaxed: 轻松 - praise: 夸奖 - joyful: 愉快 - heralding: 预示 - wonderful: 美好 - busy: 热闹 - agreed: 相约
    15m 46s

Are you ready to supercharge your Mandarin Chinese listening comprehension? Our podcast is the perfect tool for you. Studies show that the key to mastering a second language is through...

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Are you ready to supercharge your Mandarin Chinese listening comprehension? Our podcast is the perfect tool for you.

Studies show that the key to mastering a second language is through repetition and active processing. That's why each episode of our podcast features a story in Mandarin Chinese, followed by a sentence-by-sentence retelling that alternates between Mandarin Chinese and English.

This approach not only allows you to fully understand and absorb the vocabulary and grammar but also provides a bilingual support to aid your listening comprehension.

But we don't stop there. Research in sociolinguistics highlights the importance of culture in language learning, which is why we provide a list of vocabulary words and a transcript of the audio to help you understand the cultural context of the story. And for your convenience, we also include a transcript of the audio to help you refer back to any parts you may have struggled with.

And our podcast is not just for language learners, it's also for travelers or people who want to connect with their roots. Are you planning a trip to China? Maybe you want to speak Mandarin Chinese with your friends from Beijing or Shanghai? Our podcast will give you the cultural and linguistic background to fully immerse yourself in China.

Our podcast is based on the latest research in linguistics, sociolinguistics, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and education to provide the most effective method for mastering Mandarin Chinese listening comprehension. Don't miss this opportunity, give our podcast a try and see the results for yourself.

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