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  • Season 3 Episode 86 1/2 BONUS EPISODE with Elite Pros Trey Mckinney and JT Thompkins

    19 MAY. 2024 · We mention our live radio show each week on the podcast and until now, we have not shared any of our live broadcast here. This week we had some friends stop by our studio and we feel it was too good not to share on all of our platforms. We have had Bassmaster Elite angler, JT Thompkins on the show in the past and this week we were honored to have him and a friend and fellow competitor stop in to our studio to join us. Trey McKinney is currently leading the Angler Of The Year and Rookie Of The Year on the Bassmaster Elites and he is just doing incredible things on the biggest stage of bassfishing. JT and Trey share the top two spots in the ROY standings and the rest of the season promises to be an exciting battle between all the 2024 rookie class. JT is coming off a top 3 finish on Lake Murray where Trey also had a 6th place finish. JT has a 2nd and a 3rd place finish and is achieving every goal he set out to achieve this year so far. These two are proving themselves and having a great time doing it. At the Lake Fork event, Trey not only earned a Century belt, he became the youngest winner in the history of the Elite Series. The future is very bright for both of these young men and we are excited to have them sit with us and talk about the year. Be sure to follow these young men the rest of the 2024 season at https://www.bassmasters.com. Enjoy!!!!!!
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  • Season 3 Episode 86 Sen. Thomas McElveen

    19 MAY. 2024 · We have been blessed to meet many people that love and enjoy the very things that we do here at Trilogy Outdoors. This week our guest is one of those very people and a friend of ours who has played a very important role here in South Carolina for 12 years as the Senator of District 35. Sen. Thomas McElveen will not be seeking re-election this year and will get to spend more time with his family and enjoying the outdoors. We are very thankful that he took the time to sit with us and talk about how life looks movimng forward as he puts the senate in his rearview mirror and focuses on the many things in front of him. As he transitions out of his senate duties, there is no doubt that we will have him on in the future to discuss some fins, fur, and feathers and hear about his adventures in the outdoors with his beautiful children. Serving your cosntituents and particularly the very area that you grew up, is never easy. It was a position that we think he excelled in and we know that Columbia will miss Senator McElveen. We hope you enjoy this episode and wish him the best in his future endeavours. Life's Better Outdoors!!!!!!!! 
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  • Season 3 Episode 85 Worlds Strongest Man contestant Adam Bishop 2020 and 2023 Great Britain Strongest Man

    29 ABR. 2024 · We get the pleasure of promoting some great events for our partners at Visit Myrtle Beach and this week we are joined by The Worlds Strongest Man Contestant, Adam Bishop. Adam is a two time Great Britain Strongest Man winner(2020 & 2023) and an avid fishermen in his little bit of spare time. We were pleased to have a great talk and he offers up some great advice to The Senator who is still recovering from his injuries and needed to get some guidance on his comeback in the weight room. Adam is a force to be reckined with this week and we wish him the best in the competition as he attempts to imorove on his previous performances. This event is open to the pulic and you can visit the website to find out more info on the tickets and the schedule of events at https://www.theworldsstrongestman.com We were also joined by retired New York City Detective, Mark Gioino. Mark has been in the area for afew years and was with HCPD until taking a new position with the South Carolina Highway Patrol starting next month. Mark is going to be spending some time with us over the next year and hopefully adding a little northern flair to the episodes he is able to sit in with us on. We welcome Mark to the area and wish him the best of luck in his next chapter with SCHP. Please be sure to like and subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. 
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  • Season 3 Episode 84 Gettys Brannon of SCBFA talks Whales, Red Snapper, and Forward Facing Sonar

    21 ABR. 2024 · CEO of SCBFA(South Carolina Boating & Fishing Alliance) joins us this week to talk about a lot of imoortant topics in the world of fishing and boating. With under 400 Northern Right Whales left, there has been a big push to increade speed restrictions during the migration period of the species along the east coast. These regulations would effect recreational and commercial fishermen as well as the huge industry which is important to commerce, the cargo ship industry. Gettys shares some recent events that have taken place in Washington, D.C. and who is behind all the attention that is being put on creating these speed zones. We also have a lengthy discussion on the Red Snapper regulations and the incredibly poor data that continues to influence this very poorly regulated fishery. With many flaws being found in the data collection it is time for answers and for accurate data to be gathered and to loosen the grasps on this fishery. Along with these great topics, we dove into the Forward Facing Sonar discussion as well. Gettys is a former College Bassmaster National Champion and also a former employee of B.A.S.S and is a great reference to discuss the most popular topic in bass fishing with. We all realize that at some point there is going to need to be some regulations on the technology, just as is done in all other professional sports. Is it time for B.A.S.S to follow suit. Let us know and hope you enjoy the show!! for more info on SCBFA visit https://www.scbfa.com https://www.trilogyoutdoorsmedia.com
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  • Season 3 Episode 83 Spring Boating Safety Tips with Ben Wiggins and The Senator

    10 ABR. 2024 · This week we are joined by our friend Ben Wiggins to discuss some spring boating safety tips and to talk a little about the missing boater off of North Carolina. Jeff Kale's boat was found today offshore of Wrightsville Beach, NC. Unfortunately the search for the captain continues and we have some of the pubic info that we know about the boat and what possibly could have happened to Mr Kale. Our thoughts and prayers go out for his family and friends in the coming days as they try to get closure on this terrible accident. We also discuss some great safety tips for both new and seasoned boat owners that will be making that trek to the Gulf Stream over the coming months. We all have made bad decisions in choosing days to fish and to battle the Atlantic Ocean. We can all assure a lot better chance of safely making it home to our loved ones with some simple tips and preparation prior to heading offshore. In the coming days we are going to host a float plan sign up on our website. You can take a few monents to post your info there and we will keep these private unless there is a situation that arses that the info is needed due to a late return of your vessel. Thanks to Ben Wiggins for taking the time and hopping on with me today in short notice. We are also getting a lot of turkey and fish pictures and we are going to be sharing them in the magaxine this month. Please send them to trilogyoutdoorsmedia@gmail.com or send them to our Facebook or Instagram accounts. Enjoy!!!
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  • Season 3 Episode 82 Talking Badlands Rifle Company and Rolling Bones Outdoors with Jonathan Angner

    19 MAR. 2024 · The business of making precission rifles can seem to some to be over saturated when you start searching for a company to build that dream rifle. As a buyer we are going to be taking many factors  into account as we choose these incredibly accurate and reliable pieces of craftmanship.Johnathan Angner and his company Badlands Rifle Company take all of these factors into account and they want their customers to not only get the firearm of their dreams but they want to make sure that their clients are prepared to use and understand everything about these works of art. They offer shooting schools that will better prepare you to use that rifle as you target a Dahl Sheep across a valley or an antelope across a rolling plain. Regardless the situation you are blessed to be in they want to make sure that you and your rifle are ready for that moment that opportunity and preperation cross paths, We enjoyed learning more about this great company that is really starting to leave it's mark in the precission rifle industry. But they not only have the tools to help you accomplish your goals, they also offer the option to help you relax as you plan that dream hunt with Rolling Bones Outdoors. One of the toughest part about scheduling a dream hunt, regardless the target species, is securing the licenses/tags for these. They are here to handle all those needs and let you worry less about those points in various states as they manage all your application processes and your point accrual to fullfilling that opportunity at a dream target species. Thank you to Jonathan for taking the time to sit with us and we hope you enjoy it and reach out to them for more info. 
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  • Season 3 Episode 81 Senator Chip Campsen, Chairman of Senate Fish, Game, and Forestry Committee

    12 MAR. 2024 · We are very fortunate in South Carolina to have our legislators at the forefront of our resources and the decisions that are made pertaining to them. In both the House and Senate we have the Fish,Game, and Forestry Committee's that is made up of our representatives and senators. Most of these are outdoorsmen and women just like their costituents and they care about the impacts that all of these have in our state. We are fortunate to have our very own Sen. Goldfinch serving on this committee and we are also fortunate that Sen. Chip Campsen(District 43) is the chairman of this committee in the senate. This week we have Sen. Campsen join us to talk about several pressing issues here in South Carolina. At the top of that list is the fact that our timber business in South Carolina is in a decline and the impoortance of this to our states economy is one that may surprise most. We dive into the issues and we also discuss in detail the possible resolutions that have been brought to the attention of the statehouse and the committee's. We hope that our men and women in the timber and pulp wood busness in our state know that there are people working to help save your future and to help ensure this sector of our state economy continues to thrive and grow, Enjoy!!! 
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  • Season 3 Episode 80 Andrew Upshaw of Lets Fish TV

    1 MAR. 2024 · This week we are joined by the owner and host of Lets Fish TV, Andrew Upshaw. Andrew is without a doubt, one of the busiest hosts in all of outdoors television. But, he also balances a busy tournament schedule including being a BASS Opens EQ qualifier attempting to qualify for the Elite Series. Most would not hace any idea the schedule that Andrew has to maintain. With 39 episodes airing each year on Lets Fish TV and 12 Bassmaster Opens a year, he is on the go non stop. But along with this schedule, he is very active in his sons athletics and coaching local sports in his hometown. As if all of this is not enough, Andrew spends a large amount of his time with all of his incredible sponsors and maintaining one of the best social media presences that he has built over the last 10 years. We discuss lots of topics along with the tv show and we are looking forward to watching him compete this week in South Carolina on Santee. Andrew shares ,many great perspectives on tournament fishing and on forward facing sonar with us. Lets Fish TV launches next week on the Ballys TV networks. You can also catch it on Waypoint TV and on Sportsmans Channel. Go give him a follow on all social media platforms or go to www.letsfishtv.com. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/trilogy-outdoors--5441492/support.
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  • Season 3 Epsiode 79 George Poveromo and Saltwater Sportsman Seminar Series

    8 FEB. 2024 · This week on Trilogy Outdoors, we are joined by our good friend George Poveromo. George is most well known as the host of George Poveromo's World Of Saltwater Fishing television series.However, for over 35 years, George has been on the stage shairing his vast amount of fishing knowledge across the United States with his national seminar series. The National Seminar Series is held annualy from January through March.This informative series features some of the most well known captains across the US. We are excoted to have this series coming to our area in March to conclude the 3 months of smeinars on Saturday the 2nd of March. You can find more info and get your space reserved by visitng their website at www.nationalseminarseries.com. These information packed semimnars combine both the best in local captains as well as a mix of national speakers. This combination allows an opportunity for us to gain a wealth of knowledge and for many of us, it is the chance to straighten out the learning curve that this sport can throw at us.whether a seasoned veteran or a brand new angler, you will walk away with a lot of valuable information from these seminars. The cost is minimal compared to the plethora of information that is shared with seminar guests. You also recieve an awesome package from the many sponsoras when you register as well as the opportunity at thousands of dollars in items from some of the industry leading companies that are involved in presenting the series. George and Capt E talk a number of things in the show and that includes hearting some of George's experiences filming this seasons shows as well as a couple stories about some of his most prizewd catches. This includes a 142 poound wahoo he caughrt and several other big wahoo. With the SC Wahoo Series cranking up, George alsio shares some great tips for wahoo fishing and discusses the techniques that he feels work the best. The issues of increasing shark encounters for offhsore fishermen across the entire southeast Atlantic is dicussed as well. This has become a huge topic and concern for offshore fishermen. This is an issue in the crystal blue waters that surround the Bahamas and all the way up the coast of the United States. Something that George thinks that needs to be acted on quickly or we stand a chance at seeing some long term negative effects on ouir sport and the health of our fisheries. We hope you enjoy this episode and we hope to see you on March 2nd at Barefoot Resort for the seminar.
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  • Season 3 Episode 78 Gun Legislation with the Senator and Turkeys with Jay Cantrell and Duncan Crotwell of SCDNR

    26 ENE. 2024 · House Bill #3594 has become a very hot topic in the state. The Senator has introduced an ammendment that has ruffled a lot of feathers and in this episode we let him explain his reasoning for the ammendment and why he is receiving push back from certain groups. Speaking of feathers, turkeys are a hot topic also in Columbia rightr now. With declining numbers of birds and increasing numbers of hunters each year. SCDNR has proposed a plan to help the turkey population. Many factors in this decline have been considered and are included in the suggested changes to turkey regulations. We appreciate Jay and Duncan for taking the time to join us this week. We have to look at all the sides of these changes and it is important that we take more than hunter satisfaction into account when making changes to regulations pertaining to such an important natural resource. Please ffel free to email us any comments or remarks pertaining to this show to trilogyoutdoorsmedia@gmail.com. We hope you enjoy this episode and to check out more from Trilogy Outdoors visit www.trilogyoutdoorsmedia.com. Thanks
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Trilogy Outdoors is hosted by Senator Stephen Goldfinch and Capt. Englis Glover. Our hosts and guests are going to be diving deep into the culture of the outdoors and particularly...

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Trilogy Outdoors is hosted by Senator Stephen Goldfinch and Capt. Englis Glover. Our hosts and guests are going to be diving deep into the culture of the outdoors and particularly anything that deals with fins, fur and feathers. Join us every week as we sit down with incredible guests like Jim Shockey and Ted Nugent and discuss the importance of the outdoors to our heritage, not only here in the south, but across the entire globe. We will sit down with paleontologists to marine biologists and everything between. Visit our website at www.trilogyoutdoorsmedia.com for more info. Thanks and Enjoy
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