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Nutritional Wellness For You With Dr. T

  • Nutritional Wellness For You - Thyroid Health - March 23, 2024

    25 MAR. 2024 · On today’s show, your hosts Dr. T and Jennifer continue their talk about thyroid health. Your thyroid is a small gland at the base of your throat that regulates body temperature, metabolism and more. It’s estimated that 27 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease. Should you have thyroid issues, you may be dealing with thinning hair, vision problems, weight gain and poor memory. Dr. T, a functional nutritionist, talks about how your diet can affect your thyroid and how a simple change in supplement intake can change your blood results.  Specifically, iodine salt, zinc, vitamins A, B and E as well as vitamin B6 can all improve your thyroid condition. Eating anti-inflammatory foods can also promote good thyroid health. If you would like help with your thyroid or your diet and nutrition in general call Dr. T at 818-356-3606 or go to nutritionalwellnessforyou.com  
    46m 3s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You - Thyroid Conditions - March 09, 2024

    9 MAR. 2024 · HOSTS: Dr. T and Jennifer Sparks TOPIC: Thyroid Conditions On today’s show, Dr. T talks with his co-host Jennifer about Thyroid conditions. Jennifer has been suffering from low thyroid for about 8 years, taking a prescribed medication to manage her symptoms. More than 20 million Americans will experience a thyroid condition at some point in their lives, be it underactive or overactive. The thyroid is a gland located in your throat that produces hormones that regulate the body’s metabolic rate, growth and development, controlling how fast your heart beats, body weight and how deeply you breathe. If your thyroid is not functioning properly, you may experience weight gain, fatigue, thinning hair and depression. Dr. T talks with Jennifer about the condition, explaining that prescription medication doesn’t need to be the answer to her struggles. Checking your diet and supplements are the first step in managing thyroid and many other conditions, in a natural way. Dr. T offers a functional approach to your health. You can call him at 818-356-3606 or go to nutritionalwellnessforyou.com if you’d like more information. Previous Episode: https://www.hometownstation.com/podcasts/nutritional-wellness-for-you-organic-foods-february-24-2024-497838
    45m 22s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You - February 24, 2024

    24 FEB. 2024 · HOST: Dr. T and Jennifer Sparks GUEST: Manny Osegera, Clinical Nutritionist On today’s episode of Nutritional Wellness For You, your hosts welcome Manny Osegera in studio. Manny and Dr. T talk about the broad topic of organic foods.So often, we are led to believe that organic foods automatically mean “better for you.” There are a few guidelines in determining if a food is truly organic. As always, Dr. T stresses the importance of checking the label and if you cannot easily identify or pronounce the ingredient it may not be organic as they don’t follow the same standards as the US. Also, if a label is specified as made in another country other than the US, it’s likely it may not be organic. Organic foods are truly that when they are not man-made or modified from seedling to harvest, including the soil in which it grows. Manny and Dr. T talk about the Doctor’s Research brand which Dr. T recommends for his clients.Doctor’s Research uses whole foods in their supplements which help to aid in digestion and promote healthy organs along with a healthy diet. Dr. T is a functional nutritionist and offers his help in dietary needs. Call him at 818-356-3606 or go to nutritionalwellnessforyou.com
    46m 56s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You - February 10, 2024

    10 FEB. 2024 · HOSTS: Dr. T and Jennifer Sparks Today, on this episode of Nutritional Wellness For You with Dr. T, he and his co-host Jen talk about the importance of vitamins and minerals in your daily regimen. There are several categories of vitamins including Fractionated Vitamins, Synthetic Vitamins, vitamins made of oxides and whole food vitamins.Whole Food vitamins are helpful because as a nation, we are malnourished, a quarter of people eating at fast food restaurants each day, relying on prepacked meals and too few fruits and vegetables.Whole Food supplements can fill that nutritional gap as they are actual food bound up in pill form. Often, vitamins that are over the counter are filled with chemicals and unnecessary ingredients that can do more harm than good. Additionally, Dr. T talks about quality over quantity stating that you cannot make up that gap in your diet by taking too many vitamins.You need to begin with whole foods and whole food supplements. There are several ways you can know if your supplements are made from chemicals or food based. Look at the labels, check your daily percentage values to ensure the numbers aren’t inflated and look to make sure the product is not trademarked. Dr. T offers his services to you for nutritional guidance and overall wellness. He will guide you through your personalized journey after studying your blood work and specific needs. Call him at 818-356-3606 or go to nutritionalwellnessforyou.com
    45m 1s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You - January 20, 2024

    20 ENE. 2024 · HOSTS: Dr. T and Jennifer Sparks GUEST: Manny Oseguera Today, on Nutritional Wellness For You, Dr. T welcomes Nutritionist Manny Oseguera in studio. Together, they continue the topic of detox. With the New Year underway, many are trying to get a fresh start and take better care of their bodies. Dr. T talks about the Dr. Research Detox Balance Program which uses whole food supplements and herbs to cleanse your body of unwanted excess weight and other health concerns. With this detox there are 3 phases where your body turn toxins into water soluble which makes it easier for removal. Toxic substances are then converted and neutralized and finally your body will eliminate the toxins properly. Manny speaks from experience with nutrition as he has tried many detoxes and feels the Dr. Research program is the best. One shake offers over 40 nutrients. If you’d like more information on Dr. T and the many ways he can help you detox and get your eating on track go to nutritionalwellnessforyou.com or call 818-356-3606
    46m 25s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You – Detoxing Your Body – January 06, 2024

    6 ENE. 2024 · Today, Dr. T and Jennifer talk about the importance of detoxing your body. As with many people, January brings the need for a reset in your kitchen and body. You may find that you overindulged during the holiday season and now are feeling the after effects. There are many benefits to a detox, such as better organ function and overall health. Dr. T compares a detox to changing your car’s oil periodically, explaining that the car wouldn’t operate properly if it wasn’t ever maintained. Your body is the same. Fatigue, bloating and internal issues can all be addressed with Dr. T’s detoxification program. There are 3 phases of a detox and your organs such as your liver and kidneys can only do so much on their own, therefore a two or three times a year detox can really help your overall health. Dr. T offers his help only after he can see your blood work results to tailor a program for you specifically. There are 14-day and 21-day meal plans you can follow as well. Call Dr. T at 818-356-3606 for more information.
    44m 31s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You – Blood Sugar And Fatigue – December 16, 2023

    16 DIC. 2023 · Today, Dr. T continues his discussion about sugar and the damage it inflicts on your body. Sugar gives you an initial boost, but only to affect you negatively with a “crash.” Mood changes, fatigue and even mental fog can affect your day. Furthermore, internal organs are affected if too much sugar is ingested, resulting in long-term illnesses such as diabetes and excess weight gain. Dr. T and Jennifer talk about artificial sweeteners which are equally dangerous for your health. Over time, people have steered away from eating fats, making the unfortunate assumption that all fats are bad for you. However, Dr. T talks about healthy fats as a necessity, such as the fat from avocado. Dr. T is available to help you in your digestion and nutrition process. He can meet with you to determine a plan to help you kick your sugar habit offering a nutritional guide and supplements should you need them. Visit nutritionalwellnessforyou.com for more information.
    47m 10s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You – Dangers Of Sugar – December 02, 2023

    2 DIC. 2023 · On today’s show, host Carl Goldman talks with Dr. T, Chiropractor and nutritional advisor, about the dangers of sugar in your diet There are many different types of sugars and they can be found in a variety of foods. Some foods may seem obvious in their sugar content, however, some foods that are regarded as “healthy” such as yogurt, can have a high sugar count Too much sugar in a diet can lead to immune weakness and behavioral changes such as hyperactivity. High blood pressure and diabetes are also some of the side effects of too much sugar in your diet.Dr. T recommends reading labels and looking for the sugar in hidden or disguised definitions. Through his program, you can receive guidance in your pantry choices, supplement options and a review and assessment of lab test results, all which can better serve you in your health and digestion journey.Dr. T’s services price at $100 for two visits, with the option for periodic appointments should you see the need. Call 818-356-3606 or go to https://nutritionalwellnessforyou.com The information provided in this podcast should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this podcast. Listeners should consult appropriate health care professionals, their primary doctor on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available, but listeners who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries.
    44m 15s
  • Nutritional Wellness For You - November 18, 2023

    18 NOV. 2023 · In today’s debut episode of Nutritional Wellness For You, KHTS Owner Carl Goldman talks with host Dr. T. Dr. T is a medical doctor with interest in providing holistic help to those facing digestion issues. Instead of treating a symptom, Dr. T focuses on the cause, which may be poor nutrition. He says digestion is a “north to south” process, meaning proper digestion begins before you even eat. Dr. T can help patients overcome issues such as weight loss, hormonal imbalances, immune deficiencies and more. As you prepare your plate, Dr. T suggests food combining which is a balance of one half of your plate with vegetables, one fourth carbs and one fourth fruit. Finally, Dr. T stresses the importance of chewing your food slowly and not overcooking your food, to avoid stripping the food of it’s nutrients. If you’d like more information on how Dr. T can help you, go to https://nutritionalwellnessforyou.com Or call 818-356-3606
    44m 57s

Nutritional Wellness For You is a weekly podcast/radio show featuring Dr. T. D.C. Ph.D.; ACN; CCWFN; CFMP.The show features information on the healing powers of a Nutritional Diet. From Dr....

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Nutritional Wellness For You is a weekly podcast/radio show featuring Dr. T. D.C. Ph.D.; ACN; CCWFN; CFMP.The show features information on the healing powers of a Nutritional Diet.

From Dr. T.:

My name is Dr. T. D.C. Ph.D.; ACN; CCWFN; CFMPI began many years ago to foresee the passion that Nutrition could inspire while talking to our patients, feeling the excitement of their successes in their lifestyle changes towards healthier life.Many stories I have with my patients with the most horrific symptoms and illness that I was able to find their way to better health thanks to nutrition care and their guidance were very inspiring!

My faith to God and our mankind was restored by the love and caring expressed by all my patients.I am so passionate about the healing powers of a Nutritional Diet and dedicated to practicing what I think, and my thoughts are, and I believed in to win the fight towards better health!!!Despite a lot of resistance and skepticism from big Pharma, I continued with the treatment and counseling of my patients.

Thankfully I am able to pass on much information to future generations. Through our efforts I learned of a Natural Resolution to illness using Whole Food Nutrition.
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